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Work from home (modern world problems require modern solutions)

Although Sweden is not under complete lockdown, the government and the FHM (Swedish public healthcare agency) has issued recommendations. One of the recommendation is to work from home as much as possible, thus avoiding the use of public transport and reducing the possibility of spread.

Since, MTLS programme has a large part focused on computational analysis, most of the master’s thesis projects are either partly or completely computational. However, the computational component allows us to work from home as advised by the FHM as well as many of our supervisors.

However, working from home while seems to be relaxing initially but can pose multiple challenges when implemented for a longer time period. For example, difficulty separating work from the daily routine, further the setting at home is not always suitable for work.

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Efficiently separating work from daily routine Source:

Here, I have given some tips that me and many of my friends implement to improve the efficiency and productivity of working from home, while taking good care of mental health.

  1. Follow a fixed daily schedule that includes all the activities of the day
  2. Spend fixed time for work, equivalent to what you would spend on a normal working day (this avoids over-exerting yourself)
  3. Dress comfortable but properly so you feel positive about working rather than feeling sleepy and lazy in sweatpants
  4. Use proper ergonomic set up (table and chair while working on computer), instead of sitting on couch
  5. Have a fixed place for work in your house, and use that only for work related things and nothing else (thus physically separating work)
  6. Communicate well about your progress with your team mates in regular meetings.
  7. Given the pandemic many companies are taking steps to improve convenience of their employees, so if you are facing any problems/situations then discuss them with the team leader or HR (helps manage your as well as your employers expectations)

Apart from these, here are some other tips that complements the above list and help maintain the work-life balance even during the times of pandemic.

  1. Spend at least an hour to go outside for a walk or a run everyday (this can be increased on the weekends)
  2. Talk to friends and family to get some social contact especially if you live alone
  3. Follow fixed schedule for food and often treat yourself with comfort food
  4. Take entertainment breaks when possible

Hope you found some new tips here. Stay safe!