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Masters Thesis Defense

The MTLS students have the freedom to do our masters thesis in any lab around the world.

Thesis milestones

Generally, the thesis is 5 months long, officially starting in January to the first week of June where we defend our work. As a thesis student, we are expected to submit a thesis draft to an expert examiner i.e. Principal Investigator in the related field and an opponent (fellow classmate). They provide feedback on the thesis which is incorporated in the final draft along with the comments from the thesis defense presentation.

Thesis defense

The thesis defense is a 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A session. The thesis defense is mainly attended by fellow classmates. However, it is a public defense which means anyone can attend it. This year given the pandemic, I was able to make the full use of the fact that the defense was public as I had invited my lab and neighbouring labs, lab from Cambridge as well as some other colleagues from academia.

That is me defending my thesis.                                            Credits: Inna Biryukova

Which institute am I officially registered during my thesis?

Students are officially registered either at Karolinska Institute or Stockholm University depending on the topic of thesis. For instance, the students performing experimental/clinical work are registered at Karolinska Institute, whereas computational/dry lab related thesis are registered at Stockholm University. For example, I am registered at Stockholm University, since my project is related to RNA and small RNA sequencing. Although I generated the experimental data my main work was related to do custom sequence data analysis, which is why I was registered at SU. It is important to note that the registration does not affect the final degree or grade in any manner. This is simply done as a part of formality, which means that the everything right from submitting the project proposal to evaluation is done in parallel for students registered at SU or KI. MTLS students are not officially registered at KTH.

Importantly, irrespective of the registration status, MTLS students have access to library and other facilities of all universities until the end of masters.

Can I extend my thesis?

One of the most common question is “Can I extend my thesis?”. The answer is no. According to the policy at Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University, we are not allowed to extend our thesis beyond the final date. Any submission after this is considered as late submission and leads to reduction in the grade. However, this year given the pandemic and difficult situations we were given a few options to extend our thesis.