Thanksgiving in Sweden!

The festival of Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the western world. Historically the festival is a celebration of the first harvest of the pilgrims in the new world, where the pilgrims share the harvest with the native Americans as a gesture of thanks for their help in getting established in the new land. In today’s … Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Sweden!”

Transport in Stockholm

The transport and its efficiency tells a great deal about the city. There are multiple ways to transit within the city of Stockholm. People in Sweden are very health conscious, so they prefer to walk or cycle to work. However, taxis and electric scooters are available on rent at various places in the city to … Continue reading “Transport in Stockholm”

Semla Day!

Semla day or as the Swedes call it – Fettisdagen is just another excuse to get fat. Literally, it is called Fat Tuesday in many countries. People typically eat Semla or fettisdagsbulle on this day to celebrate last day before the start of the Lenten fast. The orthodox church follows the Lenten fasting tradition, where they … Continue reading “Semla Day!”