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SU course: Bioinformatics (Part-1)

The first course at Stockholm University is Bioinformatics. I will talk about this course in two parts. The reason being that the course is divided into two parts in the study structure.  1. Sequence based Bioinformatics  2. Structure Prediction Today I will be talking about the first part of the course which is associated with … Continue reading “SU course: Bioinformatics (Part-1)”

Course Review: High-throughput data analysis

The course, BB2491 High-throughput data analysis, is the core of MTLS education at KTH. How does BB2491 differ from traditional biology lectures that we have so far? In this blog I will talk a bit about why, and how we should learn and master high-throughput science! First, why study high-throughput? It is involved in a … Continue reading “Course Review: High-throughput data analysis”

2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I

The most notable change of the second semester is that we are going to study in a new school Stockholm University, and to learn programing in python, because we will use it in all of our four courses, namely Introduction to Bioinformatics, Project in Molecular Life Sciences, Biophysical Chemistry and Comparative Genomics. Stockholm University (The content … Continue reading “2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I”

On the way to a bioinformatician

As elaborated in my blog About TIANLIN, the passion in the emerging field of bioinformatics is my motivation of pursuing the master degree of Molecular Techniques in Life Science here in Stockholm. If you never heard of bioinformatics/bioinformatician before, let me tell you more: 1. Why bioinformatics Working in a so-called “wet lab”, no matter … Continue reading “On the way to a bioinformatician”

Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!

  You may not be familiar with adenosine(A), thymine(T), guanine(G), cytosine(C), but it is impossible that you never heard of DNA sequencing! As we all know, DNA sequencing is an amazing technique that “deciphers” the secret codes which hide in your body. It differentiates you from any other individual in the world; it can probably tell … Continue reading “Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!”