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SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part – 3

2. Lab Practicals 2. Data analysis – Dry Lab The Data from Illumina sequencing was then transferred to the Uppmax server. Each of us made an Uppmax account and used to access this data on the server. In order to get an idea of the data analysis pipeline, on the first day of the exercise, … Continue reading “SU Course: Methods in Molecular Life Sciences Part – 3”

Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!

  You may not be familiar with adenosine(A), thymine(T), guanine(G), cytosine(C), but it is impossible that you never heard of DNA sequencing! As we all know, DNA sequencing is an amazing technique that “deciphers” the secret codes which hide in your body. It differentiates you from any other individual in the world; it can probably tell … Continue reading “Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!”