Thanksgiving in Sweden!

The festival of Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the western world. Historically the festival is a celebration of the first harvest of the pilgrims in the new world, where the pilgrims share the harvest with the native Americans as a gesture of thanks for their help in getting established in the new land. In today’s … Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Sweden!”

Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories

How important is master project? We all know that It worths one-fourth of academic credits Students are free to choose where to carry out their thesis work 30% students (in Sweden) found their employment directly through master thesis Students acquire essential skills and connections with industry/academia, which eventually build up employability So, how are our … Continue reading “Why, What, How: Four MTLS students sharing their thesis stories”

Our Future is no longer “Crystallized”

After the course Introduction to Bioinformatics, we now switch our focus from protein structural prediction to understanding protein physics and functions. Therefore, a visit to the national facility of Cryo-EM at the Science For Life Laboratory is a part of our new course Biophysical Chemistry. We also got the opportunity to talk to the scientists … Continue reading “Our Future is no longer “Crystallized””

Welcome to Sweden!

Congratulations! After years of undergraduate study, months of painstaking school-hunting and weeks of filing endless application forms,  you are carefully selected among thousands of highly qualified candidates and are finally invited to Stockholm now. Here is the a short and warm welcome from our president, Sigbritt Karlsson: When I look backwards in time, 2016/03/24 is … Continue reading “Welcome to Sweden!”