SU Course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences II

The Stockholm University follows a pattern of single full time courses, as opposed to Karolinska and KTH. However, this course for our masters programme is an exception. The Applied Programming for Life Sciences is the continuation of python programming course from the Karolinska Institute. The course instructor Lars Arvestad conducts the classes distributed throughout the … Continue reading “SU Course: Applied Programming for Life Sciences II”

On the way to a bioinformatician

As elaborated in my blog About TIANLIN, the passion in the emerging field of bioinformatics is my motivation of pursuing the master degree of Molecular Techniques in Life Science here in Stockholm. If you never heard of bioinformatics/bioinformatician before, let me tell you more: 1. Why bioinformatics Working in a so-called “wet lab”, no matter … Continue reading “On the way to a bioinformatician”