Be a part of Stockholm Culture Night!

29/04/2017 to 01/05/2017 is something more than a long weekend: here in Stockholm, we celebrate the Culture Night “Kulturnatt Stockholm” on Saturday. As a foreign science student who has just spent her last seven months here, it is such a unique experience that deepens my understanding in art, and of course also the city! The event … Continue reading “Be a part of Stockholm Culture Night!”

All about KTH Accomodation

After officially accepting the offer, accommodation becomes the first thing in mind of many. In these days, I received a handful of questions from prospective students regarding the choice of dormitory at KTH accommodation. For those international students, you are so lucky: KTH guarantees the first year of accommodation for all fee-paying/scholarship international students at a … Continue reading “All about KTH Accomodation”

Don’t let fear govern us: a little chronicle of 2017/04/07 Stockholm

I guess that you already heard a lot about what happened in the Friday afternoon 2017/04/07, here in Stockholm. My class always have computer lab in the afternoon, with Friday before the long Easter break being no exception. At 14:38, when I was struggling to re-concentrate after lunch, in order to solve the protein docking problem, … Continue reading “Don’t let fear govern us: a little chronicle of 2017/04/07 Stockholm”

Spring can’t be far behind: Photos of Stockholm in March

The switch from standard clock to European Summer Time is in effective since last Sunday, which is a move that symbolizes the arrival of spring in most of the continent, as I was told. But the weather is merciless: we experienced a day of snow shower yesterday and are expected to see more today. Hmm…..might … Continue reading “Spring can’t be far behind: Photos of Stockholm in March”

Activities on Ice and Snow

CLIMATE IN STOCKHOLM Before stepping into our main topic, winter activities in Stockholm, I will first talk about the climate and weather in Stockholm, because these activities are not possible without them! As a matter of fact, winter in Stockholm lasts from November to March. From middle December to February, then average temperature will drop … Continue reading “Activities on Ice and Snow”