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Searching for Research Internship?

A long time after my blog Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska, I can now happily proclaim: “Hooray! I get one!” If you are curious about how I got my first full-time employment  in Sweden, or you are looking for an internship position here, this blog should be most relevant to you. Instead of speaking about how to find an internship in general, I will focus on a special type of internship —- research internship in a lab, which is extremely common to students in natural sciences.

Just as other job types, searching for vacancy is the first and perhaps the most important steps for research internship. In short, there are three most common ways:

1. Open resources: social websites, company websites

2. Semi-open resources: career fair, school/department

3. Networking

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Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute

March is the peak season of job hunting: no matter you are looking for a summer job, master thesis, traineeship or a full-time employment, it is the time to be busy with! And if you are fortunately a student of a health sciences related field, then you definitely can’t miss CHaSE: the annual career fair at Karolinska Institution, organized by the Medical Student’s Association.

Below are the participating companies for this year:

Visitors are grated free admission, but make sure that you read those before going:

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