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Getting ill-informed

It’s a tough call to make: it’s a work night and suddenly you’re feeling a little dizzy. A little tickle creeps into the back of your throat. Come to think of it, you’re feeling a little clammy too. Could be you’re coming down with something; but you’re not really sure about it. And what about that 9 a.m. meeting … Continue reading “Getting ill-informed”

Watch NASA briefing on mission that carries KTH instruments

Streaming on the NASA website at 3 p.m. EST today, you can watch scientists with the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission hold a briefing about the upcoming March 12 launch, which will send four spacecraft equipped with instruments designed at KTH into Earth’s orbit. The mission is to study magnetic reconnection around the Earth, a fundamental process that occurs … Continue reading “Watch NASA briefing on mission that carries KTH instruments”

Wave energy gears could give industries a lift, too

Out on the ocean, a rack and pinion Cascade Gear solution is making wave energy farming more cost-effective and productive, thanks to technology from the Department of Machine Design at KTH. But that’s not all the Cascade Gears can do. Two masters’ students at KTH, Linn Sevefjord and Karl Bergqvist, examined other ways this solution could be … Continue reading “Wave energy gears could give industries a lift, too”

KTH joins elite circle of Solar Lab institutions

From the solar death ray that Archimedes deployed at the Siege of Syracuse, to modern-day photovoltaic cells, the sun has been a source of power that humans have developed continually. Now, we’re raising the bar. Take a look inside KTH’s new Solar Lab — one of only a handful of indoor solar laboratories in the world which … Continue reading “KTH joins elite circle of Solar Lab institutions”