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Student volunteers needed for Music Tech Fest Stockholm at KTH

Add some great experience to your CV and make new professional and creative connections as a volunteer at Music Tech Fest at KTH, from September 3-9.

You’ll get free access to this prestigious international festival, meet fascinating people and participate in innovation and research labs. Not only that, but volunteers experience the behind-the-scenes excitement of performances featuring cutting edge artists. And, you get to help a broad range of researchers, artists and music industry innovators get the most out of this intense and multi-faceted festival. MTF will provide all the training you need.

Read more and register here

David Callahan is editor for international news and media at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

One thought on “Student volunteers needed for Music Tech Fest Stockholm at KTH”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have registered as an volunteer for this event few days ago. I didn’t receive any confirmation when I am registered or not. So I kindly request you to inform me regarding this. Thanks and best regards,
    Srija Balachandran

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