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[in reverse chronological order]

Switcharoo [CoNEXT 2023]

Ribosome [NSDI 2023]

IOTLB Wall [PeerJ CS 2023]

  • Archived codes: 

OrderMatters [NSDI ’22]

RedN [NSDI ’22]

NIC Bench [PAM’21]

Connection tracking [HPSR ’21]

PacketMill [ASPLOS’21] 

Assise [OSDI ’20]

CrossRSS [CoNEXT 2020 Poster]

For our work on DDIO [ATC’20] we have the following releases:

For our work on Path Persistence in the Cloud [CCR’20] we have the following releases

  • Our data is publicly available for reproducibility and further analysis at

Cheetah [NSDI ’20]

RSS++ [CoNEXT ’19]

  • the code at with experiments scripts (experiments), RSS++ code itself (fastclick), the modified Linux
  • kernel(linux) and the modified iperf that makes use of the new kernel option (iperf).

Slice-aware LLC and CacheDirector [EuroSys ’19] releases:

  • ​Slice-aware Memory Management: A set of libraries that can be used to measure NUCA characteristics of LLC and exploited to improve the performance of applications.
  • CacheDirector​: A network I/O solution that extends Data Direct I/O (DDIO), by exploiting slice-aware memory management, and sends each packet’s header directly to the correct slice in the LLC.

Datasets related to our Kurma paper [SOCC ’18]:

  • 16 months of latency measurements across EC2 (430GB)

  • Synchronised traceroute measurements among 10 EC2 DCs (14 + 4 days)