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Broadening the base at KTH

What can KTH offer someone who lacks the formal qualifications to enrol on our university and Master of Science in Engineering degree courses? Is there a path to embark on an engineering study programme that also offers a second chance with the focus on problem solving, creative thinking and training in good study technique?

Absolutely. KTH offers an access programme course in the form of a foundation year course in technology and a foundation term in technology at the KTH Campus on Valhallavägen, KTH Flemingsberg and at KTH Södertälje. The courses are designed not only to give students entry qualifications for university and Master of Science in Engineering courses but also to provide training in problem solving, creative thinking and in good study technique.

Entry qualification, training and time on KTH campuses during the course are also excellent steps towards our Master of Science in Engineering courses for students who had not previously thought about studying engineering for whatever reason. Access programmes can therefore been seen as one of the many tools to broaden recruitment and broader participation.

Access programmes are also among the courses with the highest number of applicants per place at KTH. How well do these students then perform once they have started their engineering courses? Really excellently is the short answer. The completion rate within engineering courses is better than for other admission groups. As such, our access courses contribute to raising the quality of our engineering courses.

Tip of the week: Click on if you do not have the right entry qualifications to find out more about the foundation year and foundation term in technology. Please read interviews with our knowledgeable head of programme teachers within the access programme courses.