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“Storträffar” good for quality

One way of working with and further developing quality at a university such as KTH is via “Storträffar”. Such meet-ups are an arena for exchanging experiences and cooperation for all categories of employee.

Gatherings of this kind have been arranged every spring and autumn since autumn 2016. These meet-ups are open to everyone at KTH with an interest in education issues. They start with lunch, a welcome and presentation of current issues by KTH management. This is followed by a speech by an invited guest.

The meet-ups consist of round table discussions on current themes that are led by the table chairperson over two-three rounds and where the participants can choose from around ten themes (per table). To help the participants choose, each table chairperson pitches their themes before the first round. At the end of the gathering, the table chairpersons summarise the discussions and send notes on them to the KTH management.

The “Storträffar” perform several functions. As mentioned, they provide an important arena to exchange experiences and for cooperation between teachers, faculty programme directors, student representatives, management at various levels, educational administrators at both schools and the University Administration, plus everyone else at KTH who is interested in education issues. Around 150 people took part in the last meet-up. These meet-ups increase the sense of involvement and also contribute to creating a common view of education at KTH.

Information and ideas fly off in all directions and in so doing, contribute to a broad collegial discussion where everyone can participate irrespective of their position and employment; across school boundaries and functions and between schools and GVS. There are also opportunities to raise new table themes for discussion at each network meet-up. You can even propose suitable topics and speakers ahead of meet-ups. The Swedish Higher Education Authority has even praised these meet-ups as a very positive and quality raising activity at KTH.

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