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A digitalisation policy for the future

Doing things in a totally new way or doing totally new things. This is close to the heart of KTH’s digital transformation that should be reflected in our research, education and cooperation. Increasing the quality and efficiency of internal processes is also part of the equation.

KTH’s digitalisation policy, that the board recently resolved on, is based on the government’s digitalisation strategy that has a vision of “a sustainable digital Sweden” that will make Sweden “best in the world at utilising the opportunities of digitalisation”. The policy is also in line with KTH’s development plan that states that, with the aid of digitalisation, KTH has developed its study programmes, increased its leading research within digitalisation in different areas, is investing in digitalisation as an important part of its cooperation with the enterprise sector and society, is utilising the opportunities of digitalisation to increase the quality and efficiency of its internal processes.

The digitalisation policy is a governing document that regulates the approach and principles that should characterise KTH. Digitalisation is defined in the policy as operational development based on the opportunities technology offers. Digitalisation leads to better quality, efficiency and user experiences for students, personnel and the society around us.

The policy contains a number of principles that concern everything from research and research data to the digitalisation of study programmes and digital examinations plus principles for how we should achieve operations support that is usable, accessible, secure and feels professional. It also addresses how we can observe the digital working environment for employees and students. My hope is that KTH’s digital transformation will minimise usability problems connected with our digital systems and create operations that are perceived as efficient and innovative by utilising the opportunities of digitalisation.

To realise the exacting aims of the digitalisation policy, we are going to develop KTH’s digitalisation strategy that sets clear priorities and shows what KTH needs to do to achieve its goals. KTH’s digitalisation strategy will be developed in close cooperation with KTH’s schools, administration and students to create a common direction that will enable KTH to be the best in the world at utilising the opportunities digitalisation offers.