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Smart technology calls for smart policies

Urbanisation is continuing all round the world. This sets challenges to reaching the global sustainable development goals and Paris Agreement on tackling climate change. New smart technologies offer enormous opportunities, but not purely on their own. They must be combined with smart policies. Renewable energy is getting cheaper all the time. This also includes the … Continue reading “Smart technology calls for smart policies”

Are the European university networks forcing Sweden to promote internationalisation?

With plenty of pomp and circumstance, the EU Commission has introduced the European Universities Initiative. In two rounds in 2019 and 2020, a total of 41 networks have been established including almost 300 universities. KTH has joined UNITE!, which was announced in the first round. Unlike other European countries, there has not been much talk … Continue reading “Are the European university networks forcing Sweden to promote internationalisation?”

Academic leaders need split vision

Leadership is a popular subject that is alive and flourishing in both theory and practice. Wherein lies the force of attraction? This can be explained in many ways, which has also been done in research and popular literature. Many people are convinced that it resides in proximity to power and influence. Leadership therefore becomes important … Continue reading “Academic leaders need split vision”

Horizon Europe offers big opportunities for researchers

KTH has been and continues to be successful within the EU research and innovation framework programme. For example, we have participated in more projects than any other Swedish university or college. The EU is an important organisation in all KTH’s research areas. We are currently looking to recruit cutting edge know-how via the EU framework … Continue reading “Horizon Europe offers big opportunities for researchers”