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Broad discussions and sustainable solutions

As the theme for my blog this week, I have chosen two different examples of international collaboration within the sustainability area. On Monday and Tuesday 27-28 September, we organised a fourth joint workshop on the theme of sustainable development, together with Tokyo University, Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute. This year’s conference addressed five different … Continue reading “Broad discussions and sustainable solutions”

Research + Education = Third Cycle Education?

A very large part of research done at KTH is undertaken by research students. This is not least the case for the proportion of published research articles that are written by research students.  This is not unique to KTH and probably applies to most universities in Sweden. However, with the recently completed Research Assessment Exercise … Continue reading “Research + Education = Third Cycle Education?”

The core of knowledge?

What conceptions do we have about knowledge? I have observed this question from a specific perspective during work to integrate knowledge about Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, into first and third cycle education at KTH. In discussions about education and learning, words such as fundamental, broader or deeper, often appear in descriptions of various kinds … Continue reading “The core of knowledge?”