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Nordic collaboration is world-class

With  increasing turbulence due to rising geographic tensions around the world and a pandemic  tend to lead to greater protectionism. It also effects academic collaboration . Here, networks provide a strengthening and stabilising force, not least when it comes to Nordic Five Tech.

This Nordic network consists of KTH, as chair in 2021/22, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Aalto University in Finland, and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Nordic Five Tech is a network comprising high ranked universities with strong brands.

The Nordic Five Tech Executive Committee met on 13-14 October. The Committee consists of the vice presidents for internationalisation or equivalent from the respective universities. This will be the first in-person meeting for two years and the agenda is dominated by the implementation of the strategy for 2021 and beyond that the five presidents resolved on in the spring. This includes:

  • Greater student mobility and opportunities for joint degrees
  • Joint master programmes
  • More collaboration between researchers and teachers, for example when it comes to joint doctoral students
  • Common policy work
  • Sharing of the five university research infrastructures

Within Nordic Five Tech, we often have tremendous consensus when it comes to what we would like to do together. The basis for this is that, even though we naturally are independent universities with our own priorities, we still share common Nordic values and have the same aims with regard to how we view everything from sustainable development to academic freedom.

The importance of increased European cooperation within both research, education and collaboration is emphasised in KTH’s international strategy. As part of this, KTH both wants and aims to further develop Nordic cooperation, cooperation that is world class.