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Ten years with focus on sustainable development

You could say that the work KTH is currently doing within the area of environment and sustainability started in 2010. That was when an investigation revealed there was great need to do more in the area. A research evaluation in 2012 also came to the conclusion that KTH needed to further integrate sustainable development into … Continue reading “Ten years with focus on sustainable development”

Five years since the Paris Agreement

Everyone alive today can expect to witness big changes. The students we educate at KTH will manage the changes that climate challenges bring throughout their entire professional lives. They will work both to reduce emissions and adapt society to the climate changes that will happen even if we achieve the Paris Agreement targets. All sectors, … Continue reading “Five years since the Paris Agreement”

Smart technology calls for smart policies

Urbanisation is continuing all round the world. This sets challenges to reaching the global sustainable development goals and Paris Agreement on tackling climate change. New smart technologies offer enormous opportunities, but not purely on their own. They must be combined with smart policies. Renewable energy is getting cheaper all the time. This also includes the … Continue reading “Smart technology calls for smart policies”

When are we going to see some climate initiatives?

Many politicians and opinion formers are saying that the support packages that have emerged during the pandemic offer an opportunity to take clear steps towards a climate reset. But nothing has happened as yet. There is a clear risk that us middle aged are giving younger generations a big fat double whammy: an urgent climate … Continue reading “When are we going to see some climate initiatives?”

New steps for our sustainable development work

At the start of the year, we compiled a number of different indicators of how KTH is progressing with its sustainable development work. As part of this, a report on some of these has been compiled and submitted to the Swedish Environment Protection Agency Naturvårdsverket. Many of these indicators are pointing in the right direction, … Continue reading “New steps for our sustainable development work”