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How can Sweden reach the cutting edge of digital competence?

Despite intensive debate and many measures taken to increase the total number of people who excel at digital, the need for skills and personnel in business and the public sector remains as high as ever. Campaigns have been run to increase the number of people in advanced digital education, increase the availability of training opportunities … Continue reading “How can Sweden reach the cutting edge of digital competence?”

Does Sweden have a digitalisation policy?

Some weeks ago, I was summoned to a meeting with the Swedish National Digitalisation Council, a renowned group of people established by the government to act as a sounding board for the Minister for Digital Development. I have had the opportunity of working with digitalisation policy for ten years now. It was in 2012 that … Continue reading “Does Sweden have a digitalisation policy?”

Digitalisation within the public sector must be improved

Despite the fact that Sweden and Norway are top of the class when it comes to digitalisation in general, the two countries are far less impressive in the case of digitalisation within the public sector. I have just written my first scientific article in Norwegian, my native language, an interesting experience in its own right. … Continue reading “Digitalisation within the public sector must be improved”