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The core of knowledge?

What conceptions do we have about knowledge? I have observed this question from a specific perspective during work to integrate knowledge about Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, into first and third cycle education at KTH. In discussions about education and learning, words such as fundamental, broader or deeper, often appear in descriptions of various kinds … Continue reading “The core of knowledge?”

Neutral or clear?

Is it possible to imagine contexts that are entirely value free? That is a question that is raised at regular intervals when values, norms and neutrality are discussed. Should we formulate ethical policies and values within higher education, or does this fly in the face of scientific objectivity? It is good that these questions are … Continue reading “Neutral or clear?”

Many questions concerning the integration of gender equality

Why should knowledge about gender equality and diversity be integrated into KTH study programmes? And how should this be done? These have been recurring questions in the last few weeks. The answers can be found in several of the KTH steering documents. Many of the questions are tangential to the content that is to be … Continue reading “Many questions concerning the integration of gender equality”

Why equality and sustainability go hand in hand

Gender Equality is goal number five in the UN global sustainable development goals and Reduced Inequalities is goal 10.  This is one of the reasons why gender equality is now included in KTH’s new sustainable development objectives. Gender equality is about a fair division of power, influence and resources, and about the human right to … Continue reading “Why equality and sustainability go hand in hand”

How  understanding can prevent discrimination

The equality  work at KTH is an ongoing effort that can be seen throughout our entire organisation. That this is clearly supported by management helps both in making the way work is organised clearer and in strengthening change management in many processes and decisions. The government calling on equality to be integrated into our universities … Continue reading “How  understanding can prevent discrimination”