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Why this blog?

OK. We all know that water is essential for all life. And that water is a finite and vulnerable resource on planet Earth. Most of us would also agree that managing water wisely is one of the grand challenges for sustainable development. Yet we constantly hear about drought, flooding, lack of safe drinking water, over-fishing, emerging pollutants and imminent war over dwindling water resources.

So it looks we need to reflect on how we manage water in society. To re-think some things concerning technology, science, social practices and cultures around water. Maybe we have been taking some things for granted, for too long.

This blog is meant to be a forum for reflection about water and how we use it. A space where scientists and practitioners can think out loud: what could be made differently – but also what works well. We want to encourage a reflective practice, where we can rethink and refill our collective stock of ideas. It is curated by The WaterCentre@KTH, an initiative for trans-disciplinary collaboration around water based at Sweden’s largest tech university, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

If you want to contribute, or just get in touch: send an email to:

Come join us in the water!