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Call for papers

The year 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of IRNOP, a highly engaged and open community of project scholars, which has played a key role in establishing project studies as an independent field. Thus, the IRNOP conference 2024 provides us with a timely opportunity to reflect on the past, debate the present and imagine the future of project scholarship.

"Project Management in a Sustainable Future"

2024 year's conference theme is Project Management in a Sustainable Future, which is particularly apt for this conference of applied research on project management and project-based organisations. All contributions fitting under this broad agenda are welcome, but we would specifically like to highlight two evolving themes that have the potential to spur debates and contemplation on the future trajectories of project scholarship:

Papers and panel proposals are welcome 


Full papers, not exceeding 8000 words, excluding references. It is important that the paper is set in the context of current research and shows that the work is original. Therefore, a significant proportion of the citations (typically a third) should be refereed papers published in the last five years. However, do also include citations of seminal papers from the past, which form the foundations of the subject. Tables and figures should appear in the text and numbered consecutively with their appearance. Style for references APA 5th.

Panel propoals

A panel is a session where a number (3-5) people discuss a certain topic under the direction of a moderator and in front of an audience. A panel proposal should be maximum 200 words and outline the rationale for the topic.

Practical information regarding presentations

Important dates

  • Extended to 12 February 31 January 2024 : Submission of full papers
  • 14 March 2024: Notification of acceptance. Notification date is slightly adjusted due to some late incoming reviews.
  • 18 April 2024: Last day to register
  • 30 April 2024: 
  • 11 June 2024: 
  • 12–13 June 2024:
  • 14 June 2024: 

How to submit your paper 

  • Submit your full paper in one anonymised PDF-format file on-line on the IRNOP 2024 submission system.
  • The paper must be your own original work, not published elsewhere. If you submit a paper, you also agree to review at least two papers for IRNOP 2024.
  • Papers will be blind peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. Hence, make sure not to include any authors identifying information in the document or file properties. Author information is to be included only in the submission form.
  • State clearly at the top of your paper if you think your paper belongs to the theme “Projects for sustainability transition”, the theme “Humans and organizations in Project Society”, or the general theme of the conference which is “Project Management in a Sustainable Future”. This will help the organizers when organizing the discussions. 
  • Submitted and accepted papers will be available in e-format accessible for registered IRNOP 2024 delegates only. There will be no conference proceedings.
  • In case of acceptance, the author, or at least one of the co-authors should be present at the conference to discuss the paper. There will be no traditional ppt-presentations of papers, but interactive discussions based on the papers.
  • There is no limit to how many papers you may submit or discuss.