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Internationalization of the study body and faculty is one factor in lifting the university into the world's top 100 list.

KTH takes place among world's Top 100 universities

KTH takes its place among the Top 100 universities worldwide in the QS World University Rankings, which were released today. At 98th, KTH joins fewer ...

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A cross-section of a typical Wolter type space telescope with mirrors (above) is contrasted with the design that uses stacks of microengineered prisms to bend light toward the focal point. (Illustration: Wujun Mi)

Radically different telescope design offers deeper look into space

A radically different type of X-ray space telescope has been designed at KTH, using advanced optic techniques that were originally developed in medica...

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The simplified device eliminates components that typically are used in controlling the storage and dispensing of fluids on microfluidic platforms.

This small tube may help compress entire labs into a computer chip

Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) technology could transform medicine in ways comparable with how microprocessors have changed our everyday lives – that is once it ...

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