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Xiong Xiao in the lab holding a box with black contents.

Ultrasound and citric acid used for battery recycling

Known by expectant parents as the technology that enables them to see their child for the first time, ultrasound can be used at extremely low frequencies to serve an entirely different purpose. Researchers at KTH report the first time ultrasound to extract valuable metals from electric car NMC batteries—a key contribution to the battery recycling process.

A close-up of iron-based material, Ba1−xKxFe2As2, in lab set-up for experimental measurements.
Electron quadruplets were observed in this iron-based superconductor material, Ba1−xKxFe2As2, seen mounted for experimental measurements in Professor Babaev's research. (Photo: Vadim Grinenko, Federico Caglieris)

Experiments reveal formation of a new state of matter: Electron quadruplets

For nearly 20 years, Egor Babaev has sought to show a new state of matter—electron quadruplets. Now he has found what he was looking for.

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Europa as seen from space
A new study by KTH researcher Lorenz Roth reveals that there is persistent water vapour in Europa's atmosphere. (Photo: NASA)

KTH researcher finds persistent water vapour in Europa’s atmosphere

The revelation that persistent water vapour exists in the atmosphere of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, was reported yesterday by the European Space Agenc...

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A piece of hydrogel is seen on the tip of a finger in the lab.
“Bacterial cells are interactive, and so are dendritic macromolecules,” says KTH Professor Michael Malkoch. “When they meet, it doesn’t turn out well for the bacteria.”

Gel fights drug-resistant bacteria and induces body’s natural immune defense

In the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria, scientists in Sweden have developed a new kind of antibiotic-free protection for wounds that kills ...

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