Admissions weekend coming up

This Friday the selection result for master's studies starting autumn 2020 is sent out. KTH invites all admitted students to our admissions weekend live chat this Saturday and Sunday.

We also invite newly admitted students to a series of webinars leading up to your arrival to KTH.

Bachelor's studies at KTH

The application for our bachelor's programme in Information and Communication Technology is open until 15 April. The three-year programme is taught in English and leads to vast career opportunities in Sweden or internationally.

Bachelor's programme at KTH



Emission free shipping

The goal for maritime transport is to halve its emissions by the year 2050. KTH is developing wind-powered ocean going merchant ships of the future – almost entirely emission free.

"We must find a solution somehow”

Professor Eva Malmström Jonsson is starting her new job as director of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC, by having to manage lab operations fr...

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The new relay requires only a tenth of the energy to work, compared with transistors.

Lighter electric cars and aircraft possible with nano-scale electrical relay

A KTH research group has developed a nano-scale electromechanical relay that could be used to reduce the weight of electronics in electric cars or eve...

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A chili pepper did what it was expected to do – namely, cause irritation – when tested with the chip-based model of a human gut. The "barrier-on-a-chip" was assembled at low cost with ordinary double-sided tape.

Using ordinary tape, researchers make chip that could speed up drug development

With ordinary double-sided tape, a team at KTH assembled a chip-based model of a human gut, and then fed it chili peppers to prove it works. The techn...

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The President’s blog

Sigbritt Karlsson on KTH's role in society and current and future education and research.

The Vice Presidents’ blog

Want to get a good overview of what is happening at KTH? Six Vice Presidents blog about everything from sustainability to digitalization. This time Stefan Östlund, Vice President for Global Relations, writes about KTH attracts talents.

International student blog

Join master's students Élise and Vivek on their journeys towards a degree from KTH.

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