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KTH offers 60 master's programmes taught in English. They present an opportunity for students with a bachelor's degree to obtain a master's degree of the highest international standard. The application for most programmes opens in October.

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A microscopic image of cells.

Genetic screening exposes cancer code in healthy tissue

A breakthrough in cancer diagnostics research was reported by KTH Professor Joakim Lundeberg. “It’s possible now that we could actually be able to identify the earliest events in cancer progression.”

Newsmakers at KTH

Safer nuclear waste management, electricity from renewable energy sources and sustainable construction These are some of the areas in which researchers and students at KTH have recently garnered widespread attention.

Portrait Desirée Brundin

Paving the way for a space station around the moon

Just four years after graduating from KTH, Aerospace Engineer Desirée Brundin has managed to establish herself in the international space sector. Today she works at Rocket Lab in New Zealand and is cu...

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A flexible piece of film, colored black by thermoelectric ink coating, is held between fingers.
A piece of film is coated in thermoelectric ink.

Ink coating could enable devices powered by heat

Researchers at KTH report that they are closing in on a way to replace batteries for wearables and low-power applications in the internet of things (IoT). The answer lies in an ink coating that enable...

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Borggården at KTH, viewing the southeast tower.
KTH now ranks highest among universities in Sweden in the recent QS World University Ranking.

KTH retains all-time highest QS ranking for second consecutive year

For the second consecutive year, KTH has held its all-time highest position in the world’s top 100 university rankings, which were published on June 8 by QS World University Rankings.

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Jan Gulliksen

Digital work environment more established

Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization and who just received the Swedish Engineers' Levi Prize, writes in this week's post about how digitalization as a work environment issue has become increasingly relevant, accepted and taken seriously.

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