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Carl Unander-Scharin, dressed in a tuxedo, sitting on a desk with an old style instrument panel

KTH Alum of the Year 2023

Carl Unander-Scharin is a professor, singing teacher, researcher and composer.
“I like to be at the intersection between writing music, performing music and exploring new expression by creating new musical instruments.”

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Newsmakers at KTH

A microgrid for sustainable electricity, therapies with groundbreaking potential and climate knowledge for young people. These are some of the areas in which students and researchers at KTH have recently garnered widespread attention.

Tornado shaped illustrated figures show direction of flow with arrows
A new study by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stanford University revises of our understanding of quantum vortices in superconductors. Pictured, an artist’s depiction of quantum vortices. (Illustration: Greg Stewart, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

Tiny quantum electronic vortexes in superconductors can circulate in ways not seen before

Within superconductors little tornadoes of electrons, known as quantum vortices, can occur which have important implications in superconducting applications such as quantum sensors. Now a new kind of ...

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moon is seen in half light in space
Enceladus as seen at a distance of 25 km by NASA's Cassini spacecraft in 2005. (Photo: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

Enceladus’ gargantuan water vapor halo inspires awe and wonder

Time will tell whether life has formed on Saturn’s biggest moon, Enceladus, but for now people on Earth are marveling at the newly-revealed scale of an enormous water vapor plume and the “halo” it for...

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A man rides an electric scooter
The parking ban that was introduced last autumn led to changed travel patterns among users of electric scooters. (Photo: KTH)

Electric scooters less popular since introduction of new parking rules

Fewer e-scooters and parking racks a long way from the user’s destination. These may be a couple of reasons why the use of e-scooters has decreased with the introduction of new parking rules last autu...

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Anders Söderholm, President of KTH, in writing in his blog about what’s happening in the academic sector, at KTH and about KTH's role in the societal development.

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