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The application is now open for most of our 60 master's programmes taught in English. They present an opportunity for students with a bachelor's degree to obtain a master's degree of the highest international standard. Begin your journey towards a KTH degree today.


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In the weekly webinar series, you will meet Carrie and many other students. Together with KTH staff they will introduce you to studies at KTH and answer all of your questions.

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Around two-thirds of fee-paying students pay the tuition fee out of their own pocket. If this is not a possibility for you, there are a range of scholarships available. Our students Ibrija and Gerrit guide you through the different opportunities available for you.


Collage of portraits of some of the researchers mentioned in the article.

Newsmakers at KTH

New perspectives on climate and environment, technology for blood testing that makes care more efficient, and long-term initiatives between higher education and industry within Life Science. These are just some of the areas where researchers and students from KTH have attracted attention outside our university recently.

A man and two women in a discussion.
Carlo Ratti, MIT, Sigbritt Karlsson, KTH and Anna König Jerlmyr, City of Stockholm debate city development and the joint Senseable Stockholm Lab in City Hall.

With focus on the future city

In the space of just over two years, collaboration within the Senseable Stockholm Lab has delivered a number of research results that over time, can b...

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A close-up of iron-based material, Ba1−xKxFe2As2, in lab set-up for experimental measurements.
Electron quadruplets were observed in this iron-based superconductor material, Ba1−xKxFe2As2, seen mounted for experimental measurements in Professor Babaev's research. (Photo: Vadim Grinenko, Federico Caglieris)

Experiments reveal formation of a new state of matter: Electron quadruplets

For nearly 20 years, Egor Babaev has sought to show a new state of matter—electron quadruplets. Now he has found what he was looking for.

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Europa as seen from space
A new study by KTH researcher Lorenz Roth reveals that there is persistent water vapour in Europa's atmosphere. (Photo: NASA)

KTH researcher finds persistent water vapour in Europa’s atmosphere

The revelation that persistent water vapour exists in the atmosphere of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, was reported yesterday by the European Space Agenc...

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Sigbritt Karlsson

The President’s blog

Sigbritt Karlsson on KTH's role in society and current and future education and research.

Jan Gulliksen

The Nordic countries are best in digitalisation

Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalisation, writes in his post about how the Nordic countries are leading the race when it comes to digitalisation, even if the some of the authorities are walking slowly.

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