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KTH offers 60 master's programmes taught in English. They present an opportunity for students with a bachelor's degree to obtain a master's degree of the highest international standard. The application for most programmes opens in October.

Nobel Week at KTH

On 1-10 October, the world's eyes turn to Stockholm as the Nobel Prize winners are announced. KTH celebrates this event by giving lectures and guided tours of our research labs as well as opening a new exhibition on Hannes Alfvén, KTH's Nobel Prize winner.


A robot raising its arms, with hooks instead of hands, in the Reactor Hall.

KTH opera takes form

Tickets to The Tale of the Great Computing Machine go on sale on 30 September, and the opera will play in the KTH Reactor Hall in December. One of the performers is The Queen, a robot.

”This opera asks important questions about computers, digitalisation and artificial intelligence” says Leif Handberg.

Janne Wallenius outside in front of a building
“I am honoured to receive KTH Innovation Award, an award to encourage creativity, grit and courage in the mission of making science and technology useful for humanity. One of the lessons from developing the SMR technology is to never give up,” says Professor of Nuclear Engineering Janne Wallenius, who has been researching design and safety analysis of lead-cooled reactor systems since 1996.

“Nuclear power is now being taken seriously as a sustainable energy option”

Public resistance to nuclear power was strong when Professor Janne Wallenius began developing the technology for small, lead-cooled nuclear reactors. But times have changed, and ten years down the lin...

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Johanna Skogestig in front of city buildings
According to Vasakronan CEO Johanna Skogestig, when the real estate industry is going challenging times, it pays to focus on sustainability. “Vasakronan maintains a high profile when it comes to the environment. Among other things, we’ve created a rooftop garden in central Stockholm, where we filter rainwater that’s used to flush water closets in the building,” she says..

She oversees a multibillion kronor real estate empire

Although Vasakronan’s total real estate holdings amount to approximately SEK 200 billion, Johanna Skogestig isn’t concerned that the industry is heading towards hard times. “I’m not that concerned. V...

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Man holding a speech att KTH.
The Swedish government has appointed Anders Söderholm President of KTH from 1 December 2022.

Anders Söderholm appointed President of KTH

The Swedish government has appointed Anders Söderholm President of KTH from 1 December 2022. He has a background as Professor of Business Administration and is currently Secretary General of the Swedi...

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Jan Gulliksen

High time to invest in digitalization

Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization, writes in this week's post about how digitalization could facilitate election processes and perhaps increase voter turnout.

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