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Street view of KTH Campus in summer.

KTH top-ranked in sustainability

KTH is ranked 42nd globally for its contribution to sustainability. The annual THE Impact Rankings measured the impact of 1,402 higher education institutions in addressing urgent global challenges.

Portrait of Lisa Ericsson.

Complex innovations require patient capital

Sweden has good innovation climate, but the country would need more long-lasting funding for complex projects, says Lisa Ericsson, head of KTH Innovation and one of the moderators at the THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2022.

Sunlight through green forest
“At this point, we know which paths lead to a safer climate. We have most of the technologies we need to achieve the climate goals. Now we need to create a series of infrastructural and societal changes in order to reach the finish line. That is the goal of our research at KTH’s Climate Action Centre,” says Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of the centre. (Photo: Mostphotos)

KTH Climate Action Centre mobilises forces

Global environmental action is headed in the right direction, but it’s progressing too slowly, states Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of KTH Climate Action Centre. “We need a swift and radical reduct...

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Members of the royal family watching a computer screen.
Members of the royal family attended the KTH symposium on cyber security and were given a demonstration by Viktor Engström on how quickly and easily a mobile phone can be hacked.

Vulnerability and security in focus

It takes Viktor Engström, a student at the KTH Ethical Hacking Center, no more than five minutes to show how he can hack his way into an unknown mobile phone. The king, queen, and crown princess seem ...

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Portrait of Anders Karlsson.
Anders Karlsson wants to see closer cooperation between Asia and the Western world in matters concerning sustainable development. He is project manager of the science publisher Elsevier and is participating in a panel at the science conference, THE Innovation and Impact Summit. (Photo: Marc Femenia)

Sustainable development requires cooperation

That academia, business, authorities and industry representatives do things together is the way forward to drive sustainable development. This is the opinion of Anders Karlsson, Vice President, leadi...

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