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Doctoral studies (PhD)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers the opportunity to complete a doctoral degree (PhD) in a dynamic, international research environment that features world-class facilities as well as close collaboration with industry and other prominent universities worldwide. Being the largest and highest ranked technical university in Sweden, KTH provides excellent conditions for its 2,000 doctoral students.

Doctoral student Rebecca

"Meeting people in industry who are interested in what I'm doing motivates me"

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KTH Relocation Service

...helps international doctoral students to settle in Sweden and at KTH.

Doctoral studies (PhD) at KTH

Pursuing doctoral studies at KTH means devoting yourself to a research project under the supervision of an experienced researcher. You will follow an individual study plan, take courses within a doctoral programme and write a thesis. Doctoral students at KTH are normally employed and earn a monthly salary.

In order to succeed as a doctoral student, you need to be goal oriented, driven and willing to take responsibility for your own work. Your development goes hand in hand with the progression of your research project and coursework.

There are no tuition fees for doctoral studies in Sweden.

Being a doctoral student at KTH

How to become a doctoral student at KTH

KTH recruits only the best candidates for doctoral studies and the selection process can be highly competitive. Prospective doctoral students apply for vacant positions, which are announced nine times a year: in February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December.

Admission requirements

Students eligible for doctoral education must meet the following general admission requirements:

  • a degree at the advanced (master's) level, or
  • at least four years of previous university studies corresponding to 240 ECTS credits, of which at least one year corresponding to 60 ECTS credits must be at the advanced (master's) level

In addition, specific requirements are connected to each position. These are outlined in the vacancy announcements and may relate to additional knowledge from higher education, professional experience, necessary language skills and other conditions. Specific English language requirements apply, see Admission requirements .


KTH issues the following degrees at the doctoral level:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (four years of full-time study)
  • Licentiate of Engineering (possible intermediate degree; two years of full-time study)

Examination and degrees

Other options for doctoral studies

Apart from being employed and financed by KTH, doctoral/PhD student positions may be offered in partnership with industry actors or other universities in the following frameworks:

The conditions and application procedures of these offers differ from those of KTH. KTH does not offer scholarships to finance doctoral studies.