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Man in lab coat holds handful of corn bran
Of the more than 120 million metric tons of corn starch produced each year, nearly 15 percent is discarded or fed to chickens and other animals. Francisco Vilaplana has developed a method to generate nutritional value from what he describes as "a huge sidestream."

Method extracts antioxidant nutrients from corn processing waste

A process for extracting nutritious antioxidant dietary fibers from corn starch production waste could turn tons of nearly-worthless bran into a valuable, circular resource.

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Portrait of Shervin Bagheri.
Shervin Bagheri, Professor of Fluid Mechanics at KTH, receives the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants 2023. (Photo: Erik Thor)

Flow research for an energy-efficient future

Shervin Bagheri is conducting research into how flowing fluids and gases interact with surfaces and materials. He now has funding from ERC Consolidator Grants 2023 to study what are known as self-lubr...

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Train in snow landscape.
KTH and Alstom are collaborating to develop train traffic in Europe as part of the EU's commitment to sustainable transport. (Photo: Alstom / KBD Bilder AB)

KTH and Alstom in joint effort for a sustainable European railway system

The EU is focusing heavily on sustainable travel. With Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail), the vision is to introduce a high-capacity, highly reliable integrated European railway system in orde...

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