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Blocks of foam are lined up to show how petroleum based foams degrade after heat exposure
From left to right, foam materials consisting of whey, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyethylene and polystyrene. The top row represents unexposed materials and the bottom row represents the materials exposed to 150 degree air for one month.

From milk protein, a plastic foam that gets better in a tough environment

A new high-performance plastic foam developed from whey proteins can withstand extreme heat better than many common thermoplastics made from petroleum...

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close up view of mouse cell with stained regions showing up in colors
A lab image shows the detection of the newly-developed nanoparticle contrast agents inside a mouse cell with optical fluorescence (in red). The cell nucleus and plasma membrane are depicted in blue and green, respectively. (Photo: Giovanni Marco Saladino)

New nanoparticle design paves way for improved detection of tumors

Nano-sized particles have been engineered in a new way to improve detection of tumors within the body and in biopsy tissue, a KTH research team report...

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An aerogel, a small whtie disc, rests on the stigma of a flower
Nearly as light as air, these all-natural cellulose aerogels can be made sustainably, cheaply and with all natural materials. They're biointeractive too, so they can be used for therapeutics. (Photo: Andrew Marais)

With a kitchen freezer and plant cellulose, a material for therapeutics is developed

A new low-cost and sustainable technique would boost the possibilities for hospitals and clinics to deliver therapeutics with aerogels, a foam-like ma...

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Most recent publications

M. H. Mamduhi et al., "A Cross-Layer Optimal Co-Design of Control and Networking in Time-Sensitive Cyber-Physical Systems," IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 917-922, 2021.
V. D'Angelo and M. Magnusson, "A Bibliometric Map of Intellectual Communities in Frugal Innovation Literature," IEEE transactions on engineering management, vol. 68, no. 3, pp. 653-666, 2021.
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