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Hydraulics of the heart revealed

The proportions of the heart’s chambers affect how efficiently the heart fills with blood, new research shows.

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A look behind some of the science and technology news coming out of Stockholm. Our international editor highlights  exciting breakthroughs, events and ideas that make KTH a centre for world-leading research and innovation.

Algae farming a sustainable solution

Explore a different area of research or innovation each month with the KTH Tech Talks podcast. Each edition brings together scientists and/or entrepreneurs from different fields for fascinating conversations on a diverse range of research subjects or on new innovations. In episode # 120 we meet Fredrik Gröndahl, researcher at KTH and the project leader of the algae research project Seafarm, talking with Fredrika Gullfot, founder of the algae farming company Simris Alg, about cultivation of algae and what algae could be used for.

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