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Southeast tower in Borggården, covered in snow.
Several subjects have steadily been climbing the rankings for the past several years. “One of the trends we see is that their scores on citations have increased from year to year,” says KTH Deputy President Mikael Lindström. (Photo: Fredrik Persson)

QS ranks KTH 44th in Engineering and Technology globally

In the 2023 Rankings by Subject released this week, the QS World University Rankings placed KTH Royal Institute of Technology 44th in Engineering and Technology worldwide—or 14th among universities in...

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Portrait photo of Anna Delin

Meet professor Anna Delin – director of the WISE Graduate School

What can a student at the WISE Graduate School expect to achieve during their training? KTH professor Anna Delin is director for the WISE Graduate School, part of the Wallenberg Initiative Material Sc...

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man holding piece of metal
Researcher Song Lu holds a piece of metal that was developed using quantum mechanical theory.

Quantum mechanics could lead to stronger, more sustainable alloys

It may be an abstract concept for many people, but a new study shows that quantum mechanics can play a role in reducing the carbon footprint for producing steel and other alloys while making materials...

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Recent publications

L. Li et al., "A Cosmological Fireball with 16% Gamma-Ray Radiative Efficiency," Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 944, no. 2, 2023.
M. Chahine and G. Fenon, "Additiv tillverkning av verktyg inom produktion," , 2023.
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