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Current research activities

Giant iceberg in Greenland.
Giant iceberg from a melting glacier in Ilulissat on Greenland. Photo: Maridav / Mostphotos

New centre uses a system approach to tackle climate crisis

Why hasn’t the climate crisis been met with faster action? In the newly-launched KTH Climate Action Centre, researchers aim to speed up the climate ac...

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a sensor is attached to a man's arm while he rides a stationary bicycle
A KTH research team's lactate sensor technology undergoes tests.

Researchers evaluate whether lactate sensors can contribute to sports physiology

Recent advances at KTH suggest that lactate sensor technology is well-positioned to contribute to the field of sports medicine. Two recent studies tak...

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A solar cell on top that is flatter, and one on the bottom which is rounder
This image shows the difference between an ordinary perovskite solar cell, top, and a perovskits solar cell with a water-repellent molecular-thin layer, below.

Researchers find way to stabilize promising material for solar panels

One of the solar energy market’s most promising solar cell materials—perovskite—is also the most frustrating. A research team in Sweden reports a poss...

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Recent publications

D. V. Arzyutov, "Reading Traces and Writing Indigenous Ethnohistories in the Russian North," in Histories of Anthropology Annual, : University of Nebraska Press, 2022.
J. Mack, ""Not Just Barberry" : A Political Ecology of the Swedish ‘Concrete Suburbs,’ 1960-1981," in Landscapes of Housing : Design and Planning in the History of Environmental Thinking, Jeanne Haffner Ed., New York : Routledge, 2022.
Q. Ji et al., "Optimal shape morphing control of 4D printed shape memory polymer based on reinforcement learning," Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, vol. 73, 2022.
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