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Two pellets, one translucent and golden, the other opaque and dark blue.
Before and after. An all-lignocellulose hydrogel before (left) and after it has adsorbed methylene blue from an aqueous solution. Photo: Giuseppe Melilli

Water purification system engineered from wood, with help from a microwave oven

Researchers at KTH have developed a more eco-friendly way to remove heavy metals, dyes and other pollutants from water. The answer lies in filtering w...

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Collage with portrait of Daniel Ek, KTH logotype on brick wall, portrait of Mathias Uhlén
The KTH Innovation Award goes to entrepreneurs and innovators that have dared to think big and take on difficult challenges. Creativity, grit and courage are the words that typify this new award, that has been enabled by donations from Spotify founder Ek and KTH Professor Uhlén. Photo: Spotify/KTH/Alessandro Bellini.

The new KTH Innovation Award will go to brave innovators

Together with Spotify founder Daniel Ek and KTH Professor Mathias Uhlén, KTH has established the new KTH Innovation Award. Each year, SEK 500,000 will...

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Hongyi Liu tests a robot arm by placing his hand in its path.
KTH researcher Hongyi Liu tests a robot arm by placing his hand in its path. (Image: Hongyi Liu)

Robots can be more aware of human co-workers, with system that provides context

Working safely is not only about processes, but context – understanding the work environment and circumstances, and being able to predict what other p...

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Most recent publications

M. H. Mamduhi et al., "A Cross-Layer Optimal Co-Design of Control and Networking in Time-Sensitive Cyber-Physical Systems," IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 917-922, 2021.
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