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Current research activities

Josefin Larsson holds a green blob, a 3d printout of a supernova explosion
Associate Professor Josefin Larsson displays a green 3D printout of the supernova, of which unprecedented details have been published in 3D. Photo: David Callahan

Star's self-destruction is presented in 3D

A 1,000-year-old supernova has been captured in 3D images that reveal yet unseen details of the elements that are ejected when a star explodes. Analys...

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Giant iceberg in Greenland.
Giant iceberg from a melting glacier in Ilulissat on Greenland. Photo: Maridav / Mostphotos

New centre uses a system approach to tackle climate crisis

Why hasn’t the climate crisis been met with faster action? In the newly-launched KTH Climate Action Centre, researchers aim to speed up the climate ac...

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a sensor is attached to a man's arm while he rides a stationary bicycle
A KTH research team's lactate sensor technology undergoes tests.

Researchers evaluate whether lactate sensors can contribute to sports physiology

Recent advances at KTH suggest that lactate sensor technology is well-positioned to contribute to the field of sports medicine. Two recent studies tak...

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Recent publications

A. Fernández Schrunder, A. Rusu and S. Rodriguez, "A Finite Element Analysis and Circuit Modelling Methodology for Studying Electrical Impedance Myography of Human Limbs," IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 69, no. 1, pp. 244-255, 2022.
Y. Chen, H. Zhang and W. Ma, "Coupled MELCOR/COCOMO analysis on quench of ex-vessel debris beds," Annals of Nuclear Energy, vol. 165, 2022.
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