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Current activities

Man in lab suit working with 3D printing machine in office.
PhD student Lee-Lun Lai loads a tray into a 3D microprinter to demonstrate how polymer transistors can be made faster, cheaper and more sustainably.

3D microprinter hacked to fabricate transistors for bioelectronics

The speed of innovation in bioelectronics and critical sensors gets a new boost with the unveiling of a technique for fast-prototyping of devices.

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Portrait of researcher.
Frauke Urban, editor of a new handbook on the climate crisis, calls for a climate policy that keeps pace with climate science (Photo: Christer Gummeson).

Handbook offers guidance for faster climate transition

The technology exists to tackle the climate crisis, but the political will lags behind. This is one of the messages in the new handbook, Climate Change and Technology, on one of the major issues of ou...

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Portraits of researchers

Newsmakers at KTH - January 2024

Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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Recent publications

M. Urgo et al., "AI-Based Pose Estimation of Human Operators in Manufacturing Environments," in Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, : Springer Nature, 2024, pp. 3-38.
M. Nahalparvari et al., "AC-Side Impedance-Based Stability Assessment in Grid-Forming Modular Multilevel Converters," IEEE Access, vol. 12, pp. 23514-23528, 2024.
S. Öling et al., "A human stomach cell type transcriptome atlas," BMC Biology, vol. 22, no. 1, 2024.
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