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The simplified device eliminates components that typically are used in controlling the storage and dispensing of fluids on microfluidic platforms.

This small tube may help compress entire labs into a computer chip

Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) technology could transform medicine in ways comparable with how microprocessors have changed our everyday lives – that is once it ...

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The structural biology research team that discovered special enzymes which could enable acne-causing bacteria to resist treatment. From left, Dayanand Kalyanim, Henrik Aspeborg, Christina Divne and Tom Reichenbach. (Photo: courtesy of Christina Divne)

Researchers may have figured out one way acne bacteria defies treatment

Researchers at KTH have discovered how acne-causing bacteria feed off their human hosts, opening the possibility for finding effective ways to treat s...

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Emma Lundberg as she appears in the online game, Project Discovery, a mini-game within EVE Online which enabled her research team to classify thousands of cells.

Mapping of cells and proteins improved with help of gamers and AI

Building on a map that shows hundreds of thousands of microscopic images of human cells, an international research team is working with the gaming com...

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Latest publications

Y. Li, L. Feng and Y. Wang, "A cascade control approach to active suspension using pneumatic actuators," Asian journal of control, pp. 1-19, 2019.
J.-P. Schöggl, C. J. O'Reilly and P. Göransson, "A design-theoretic review of Sustainable Product Development literature," in 22nd International Conference on Sustainable Innovation, 2019.
S. Hou et al., "A 4H-SiC BJT as a Switch for On-Chip Integrated UV Photodiode," IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 51-54, 2019.
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