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a microscope in a lab
The newly developed gel proved 98 percent effective in blocking sperm from entering the uterus of sheep. Pictured, a microscope is set up for examining the penetration of sperm through cervical mucus. (Photo: Ulrike Schimpf)

Non-hormonal gel proves effective at helping mucus block sperm

A new way to prevent pregnancy without side effects may be possible with a prophylactic gel made from all natural, non-hormonal ingredients, researchers at KTH report. The gel reinforces the cervical ...

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wood pieces
On the far left, natural wood is seen. The three pieces of wood on the right have undergone different types of treatment that give a higher surface area and smaller pores, which provide rapid water transport through the material. Photo: Jonas Garemark.

Scientists produce electricity from wood

At a time when energy is an issue affecting many millions of people worldwide, scientists at KTH have managed to harvest electricity by passing water through refined wood. Their work has recently been...

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a round sample of plastic is held up for view against some tree branches
Peter Olsén, a researcher at KTH, holds up a sample piece of a new degradable plastic from wood. “These new materials, because of their high fiber content and degradable, matrix could be a game changer for a future circular material economy," he says. (Photo: courtesy of Peter Olsén)

Wood-based plastic may enable circular home furnishings and building materials

Plastics used in home furnishings and constructions materials could be replaced with a new kind of wood-based degradable plastic with semi-structural strength. Unlike thermoplastic, the material can b...

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