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tumor cells within a section of prostate tissue seen in a microscope
A microscopic image of cancerous cells in a section of prostate tissue.

Advanced genetic screening reveals cancer coding in healthy tissue

A new study offers the possibility of unmasking genetic mutations in an organ well before commonly-used screening techniques detect signs of cancer. The secret lies in hunting through seemingly health...

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A flexible piece of film, colored black by thermoelectric ink coating, is held between fingers.
A piece of film is coated in thermoelectric ink.

Ink coating could enable devices powered by heat

Researchers at KTH report that they are closing in on a way to replace batteries for wearables and low-power applications in the internet of things (IoT). The answer lies in an ink coating that enable...

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A test model of a recreational boat is performed by a person in a marine environment.
Ivan Stenius gooses the throttle to bring the Foilcart test boat up to a speed of ten knots so that it can hydroplane, commencing ‘take-off’.

Boats that fly like the wind

Silent zero-emission vessels that swiftly float past the cobs and skerries – is this the future of coastal and open-water boating? We paid a visit to the KTH Värmdö field station, where researchers ar...

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Recent publications

K. Lindvalll and J. Scheffel, "2D continuous Chebyshev-Galerkin time-spectral method," Computer Physics Communications, vol. 271, pp. 108217-108217, 2022.
S. Mravinacová et al., "A cell-free high throughput assay for assessment of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies," New Biotechnology, vol. 66, pp. 46-52, 2022.
C. Fei et al., "100-m/3-Gbps underwater wireless optical transmission using a wideband photomultiplier tube (PMT)," Optics Express, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 2326-2337, 2022.
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