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The logistics future in an uncertain world: NOFOMA 2024 lands in Stockholm

Two men in front of the Swedish Defence University.
At the forefront of the arrangements are KTH Associate Professor Luca Urciuoli and Per Skoglund, Associate Professor at the Swedish Defence University.
Published Feb 05, 2024

The 36th edition of the NOFOMA conference will be hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Defence University in June 2024. We caught up with organisers Per Skoglund and Luca Urciuoli to get a few tidbits from the program.

NOFOMA 2024 is organised by KTH and the Swedish Defence University and marks the start of a new collaboration in logistics and supply chains. At the forefront are KTH Associate Professor Luca Urciuoli and Per Skoglund, Associate Professor and Head of Department at the Swedish Defence University.

For those who are not familiar with NOFOMA, what is it?

“NOFOMA is a Nordic conference on logistics and supply chains. Here, researchers, logisticians and educators from all over the world meet annually to share their experiences. It is like a platform where those of us who like logistics can discuss trends, the latest research and challenges in the field”.

What is the theme of this year's conference and why?

“When we were planning this year's conference, we saw a deteriorating world situation, increased protectionist tones in international politics and a large-scale war in Ukraine. Companies and nations started to increase their sourcing from neighbouring areas and focused on risk management, recovery and preparedness as a result of both the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. All of this led to this year's theme of managing value chains in an uncertain world”.

What are the highlights of the program?

“We currently have two key-note speakers lined up for the program on 13 June. Professor Emeritus Martin Christopher from the University of Cranfield will connect his talk to the conference theme. We also have Dr Elly Reinolds from Action Aid. She will talk about practical experiences from the aid chain and delivering aid in Ukraine”.

“Then, of course, we have to mention Nordlog on 12 June where we focus on doctoral students and networking. During Educators Day on the same day, we will develop methods for lifelong learning”.

“We are also planning a meet-the-editors session, where authors can ask questions about the publishing process in well-established logistics journals”.

What would you say to those who are hesitating to come to Stockholm?

“The conference is a must for researchers in logistics and supply-chain management”, says Luca.

“Participants from outside the Nordic countries always say ‘I will come back’, says Per. “And it seems to be the case this year too, as we have already received 160 abstracts”.

Text: Ulrika Georgsson

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