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If you feel sick

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that the premises at KTH can continue to stay open it is important that we all do our part. If you start to have symptoms indicating a possible COVID-19 infection it is important that you immediately go home, avoiding contact with other people. It is also important for everyone with symptoms to be tested to verify if there is an ongoing infection or not. 

Maja Reichard, alum of the year 2020
Johanna Lundberg, Bildbyrån

Listen to Alum of the Year Maja Reichard

Zoom in at 12.15 pm -1.00 am on 29 September to hear Alum of the Year 2020 Maja Reichard’s story on how she won 24 medals in Paralympic Games and World Championships while being a student at KTH.

Do you want to contribute to better student communication?

KTH has started a project to improve communication toward students with the purpose to make it easier for students to complete their studies. We are now looking for students who are interested in participating in workshops or interviews.

Evaluate your journey to KTH

In mid-September new students at KTH will receive the International student survey via email.

Answer the survey and receive a small gift from KTH.