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Academic year and important dates

Find dates for study and exam periods, registration dates for courses and exams as well as other important dates to keep in mind.

On this page you will find the current academic year and other important dates 2023–2024.

Upcoming academic year 2024–2025 (KTH Intranet)

Previous academic year 2022–2023 (KTH Intranet)

Autumn semester 2023: 28 August 2023–15 January 2024

Date Activity
24 August–4 September Course registration study period 1 , for programme courses
28 August–13 October Study period 1
19 September–3 October Register for exam period 1
16–25 October

Course registration study period 2 , for freestanding courses

19–27 October Exam period 1
30 October–15 December Study period 2
26 October–6 November Course registration study period 2 , for programme courses
1–15 November Application for programme courses spring 2024
16–30 November Register for re-exam period 1
30 November–14 December Register for exam period 2
18–21 December Re-exam period 1
2–10 January Course registration study period 3 , for freestanding courses
8–15 January Exam period 2

Spring semester 2024: 16 January 2024–3 June 2024

Date Activity
11–22 January Course registration study period 3 , for programme courses
16 January–4 March Study period 3
7–21 February Register for exam period 3
29 February–14 March Register for re-exam period 2
4–13 March Course registration study period 4 , for freestanding courses
8–15 March Exam period 3
14–25 March Course registration study period 4 , for programme courses
18 March–21 May Study period 4
1–15 April Application for KTH One-Year Scholarship
2–5 April Re-exam period 2
23 April–7 May Register for exam period 4
1–15 May Application for programme courses autumn semester 2024
2–16 May Register for re-exam period 3
27 May–3 June Exam period 4
4–7 June Re-exam period 3
27 June–25 July Register for re-exam period 4
12–24 August Re-exam period 4

Before the start of the autumn semester 2024

Date Activity
12–24 August Introductory weeks for newly admitted students
24 August Welcome ceremony in Stockholm City Hall (year 1 students) Register for the event

How the academic year is divided

The academic year is divided into two semesters of twenty weeks each. The autumn semester begins in August and ends in January. The spring semester begins in January and ends in June. Each semester is divided into two study periods of approximately seven weeks, followed by individual work. Exams are held at the end of each study period. There is an exam preparation time at the end of each study period for self-study and also for taking re-exams.