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At KTH, different forms of examination apply in different courses. Some courses apply written exams to check that students have attained the knowledge and skill goals set for the course. In other courses students' knowledge will be tested through an assignment or project task.

A valid photo ID is required when you take an exam

Please note that you are obligated to be able to show an acceptable form of identification when you take an exam. KTH cannot take into account that it is difficult to get appointments to arrange a new photo ID.

Examination on courses

The examination is an activity which checks how well you have fulfilled the knowledge and skills set goals for the course. The educational programme is divided into courses, and each of these courses have separate examinations. Normally, the courses are also often divided into examination parts. Everything you learn during your education will be subject to an examination. The examination will be designed so that all of the intended learning outcomes are covered.

Find intended learning outcomes for the courses in Courses Part of Programme

You will find your written exams in the Personal Menu/Services/Services for students/ Written Exams .

It is the schools that are responsible for, at each course start, providing information about the rules that apply to the course. It is also your duty as a student to know what applies and what sanctions and measures may be taken if you do not follow the rules.

Disciplinary matters

If you have compensatory support you will find information about examination with compensatory support at Funka .

Different forms of examination

There are many forms of examination, so-called examination formats. For example, the examination may be carried out through an assignment, laboratory work, oral presentation, a project task or an exam. At KTH, the most common form of examination is the written examination, but KTH strives to replace the written examination with an examination format which best tests each part of a course.

Written exams at KTH

Degree project

The degree project that is the final form of examination in your programme, is a course just like any other course, with the exception that you have a supervisor that is appointed by the examinor. The supervisor will have an influence on your work and it is therefore crucial that you are able to communicate with eachother. There are no regulations for how the supervision is supposed to be carried out, but there are guidelines for the degree project containing goals and criteria for grading.

Guidelines for degree project courses