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E-mail forward

For students at KTH, it is possible to forward e-mail to another e-mail address.

Important to consider when forwarding e-mail

KTH cannot guarantee that e-mail forwarded from your KTH e-mail account to another e-mail account outside KTH will be delivered. Hence, we suggest that you do not forward your KTH e-mail account, so that you ensure that you receive all e-mails sent to it.

It usually works fine if you want to add your KTH e-mail account to the same e-mail program where you have other e-mail accounts. You can read more on the page Settings and configuration of KTH e-mail  on how to proceed.


Add forwarding of KTH e-mails

You can forward your KTH e-mail in the Personal menu in the tab Your name.

  1. Click on your name in the Personal menu and the then click the link Forward KTH e-mail.
  2. Fill in you KTH username and click in Next
  3. Fill in your KTH password and click on Sign in
  4. Confirm that "I am aware that forwarding only effects e-mails sent to my KTH e-mail address and I have read the information in step 1 and 2 above" and click on Forward KTH e-mails
  5. Fill in the E-mail address that you want your KTH E-mails to be forwarded to and click on Set e-mail forwarding

From now on all your e-mail will be delivered to the specified address only, without any copy being saved in your KTH E-mailbox. The specified address will be your sender address.

Remove forwarding of KTH e-mail

Follow steps 1-4 above. Instead of the option to add an e-mail address, there is now the option to remove the existing one.

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Last changed: Feb 21, 2024