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You can access your KTH e-mail through KTH Webmail or by forwarding your KTH e-mail account to an alternate e-mail address.

Malicious e-mail

Read more about what you need to do if you have been exposed to an e-mail of a harmful nature.

Malicious e-mail

Information about KTH e-mail

As an employee or student at KTH, you will have a personal user account with a unique “username”. A mailbox with the address of is generated for every user account.

A student's e-mail box is limited to 2 GB.

Get started with KTH e-mail

You can access KTH's webmail through  or by using the e-mail symbol in the personal menu. Login to your e-mail account by using your KTH account.

KTH Webmail

More about KTH Webmail

Settings and Configuration of KTH E-mail

Here you will find quick reference guides that help you with e-mail settings.

Settings and Configuration of KTH E-mail

Shared mailbox

A function address can be created as a shared mailbox or as a distribution list. With a shared mailbox, e-mail comes to a separate inbox, and you can send e-mails as the e-mail address.

Shared mailbox by webmail

E-mail forward

When forwarding your KTH e-mail, we cannot guarantee that alternate e-mail systems allows receiving KTH e-mails, so we recommend not forwarding your KTH e-mail account. Read more about E-mail forward .

Manage your mailbox

KTH Webmail – Change reply settings

Recover deleted items in Outlook Webapp (KTH webmail)

Move e-mail between different accounts

Copy and move e-mail via IMAP in Thunderbird

Manage e-mail attachments