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Move e-mail between different accounts

Quick reference guide for moving and/or archiving e-mail from your KTH account. This can be good to do before for instance your studies or employment ends.

Change the amount of e-mail stored locally in Outlook

Before exporting or moving e-mail in Outlook, you need to change the amount of e-mail to be stored locally/offline. Change from the default value of 1 year to “All” so that all e-mails in the e-mail account can be exported or moved.

Change how much mail to keep offline (

Export and import email as .pst file in Outlook

In Outlook, you can choose to export your e-mails to a .pst file. This can then be imported into another email account. We do not recommend actively working against a .pst file, rather it is better to be used as an archive.

Copy and move e-mail

If you connect several e-mail accounts in an e-mail client, you can easily move or copy over e-mail from one account to the other.