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Shared mailbox by webmail

Quick reference guide on how to open a shared email box using webmail.

Open the complete mailbox, including subfolders ans ather things

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your personal KTH Account

  3. When logged in click on the own name top right and click on Open another mailbox...

  4. Fill in the shared mail box adress and click on Open

    Fill in the shared mail box adress and click on Search
  5. The shared mail box will now open in the active window.

Add only the Inbox i your own interface

  1. Log on to the webmail  as above
  2. Click with the right mousebutton at your name (your own mailbox) and choose Open Other User's Inbox..
  3. Write the mailaddress (or part of the mailaddress) to the mailbox you want to connect and click OK
  4. Now the mailbox will be connected to your webmail.

Note! You can only see the actual Inbox. No subfolders or other things will be visible when connecting this way.

Note! If a reply is maid to a mail in this added mailbox it will be sent as you, and not from the added mailbox. And the conversation will be lost in that mailbox because it now resides in your personal mailbox.