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Handing in handwritten exams in Canvas

There are several situations where your handwritten text is scanned for submission to Canvas. For written exams on campus, the examiner can choose to import the scanned exams, and for homework assignments, you may need to scan and upload the assignment in Canvas yourself.

The examiner can import written campus examination to Canvas

If you are going to take a written exam on campus and the examiner announces that the assessment is done in Canvas, the examiner has chosen to use KTH's import function for exams. You write and submit your exam as usual, and after the exam it will be scanned for archiving just like when the assessment is done on paper.

If the import function is used, the exams are uploaded to an assignment in Canvas and the assessment work is carried out there. You will be able to see when the exams have been imported into Canvas and when the assessment has been published you can see comments and results.

The assessed exam is only shown in Canvas

If the exam is assessed in Canvas, the annotations and comments will only be shown there, and not under "Written exams".

Scan assignments yourself for home exams

If you are writing an examination by hand on paper, you may need to scan the handwritten text with an app to get a PDF document. If you have the "Canvas Student" app installed, you can submit the PDF file you scanned from your phone, but you can also transfer the PDF file to your computer and upload the PDF file in the Canvas assignment.

There are several apps for scanning documents. If you are already familiar with any of them, use the one that works best for you. Remember to check that the app supports the required file format, such as PDF.

Examples of apps for scanning to PDFs

Below are examples of apps that can be used to scan assignments into PDFs that can be submitted to Canvas. Make sure to test the app you are going to use well in advance of your examination so that you can fix any technical problems.

Scanning apps for iOS

Scanning apps for Android

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Last changed: Feb 23, 2023