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Examination results and grades

Here you can find what applies to the assessment and grading of examinations, such as partial exams (KS), grading scale and grade raising.

Find your written exams

Scanned exams you have written can be found in Canvas  or here: Written exams

Find past exams for a course

There are often old exams in course rooms in Canvas. If you want to see more examples of previous exams used for a course, you can contact the student desk office for the course: Student desk offices

Course element and test

All courses have at least one obligatory element (modul). This may be, for example, an examination or a project. The element has a test code (for example TEN1 for an exam), a name and the number of credits. The sum of credits for all elements of a course must equal the total for the course.

Partial exams - "Kontrollskrivning" in Swedish (KS)

Some courses include optional partial exams. Information about partial exams and how to view results is provided in course PMs, course syllabi or given by the teacher of a specific course or examiner, in connection with studies on this course.

Final grade and final report

When you have passed all elements of a course, such as examinations, lab work, assignments, the department responsible for the course will provide you with a final report for your studies on this course. Along with the final report you will receive a final grade for the course. Once you have received a final grade, you will find it in Ladok for students in the personal menu. The final grade in Ladok should not be confused with the function Grades  in Canvas, which is used to give feedback on assignments during your course.

Read more about course elements for each course in Course and programme directory .

Grading scale

As the main option, KTH uses a seven-grade goal-related grading scale (A, B, C, D, E, Fx, F) for grades on first and second cycle courses, but not for degree projects. The same grading scale will be used preferentially for courses that are part of access programmes. A–E are grades corresponding to a pass, with A being the highest grade. The grade Fx indicates that the result is close to a pass for a module and that the module may be upgraded to a pass. The grade Fx cannot be used as a final grade for courses.

The grades pass (P) and fail (F) are used for degree projects. These grades can also be used as final grades for other courses, if there are exceptional reasons.

Grade raising

You might be eligible for a grade raise in your course or course components. By this, you are doing a re-exam, despite having already passed. The intention is to achieve a higher grade. Grade raising on a course is an opportunity but is only granted as long as the examiner deems it appropriate. You can not improve a passing grade on the master thesis and some project courses. Courses that are included in an issued degree cannot be improved.

Grade raise 

Marking and motivation

The marking of an assignment must be completed within three weeks. The awarding of a grade is a decision taken by an authority which cannot be appealed against, but you can request an adjustment or a reassessment. As a student you have the right to get a grade explained by the examiner. If the examiner does not conduct a review of the examination or provide an exam correction template, you have the right to request a written explanation of your grade.

Review of grade

As a student, you cannot appeal a grade. However, you can request a review of the grade decision.

Request review of grade

Extra examination opportunity at the end of the education

As a program student at undergraduate or advanced level, you have the possibility to apply for an extra examination opportunity at the end of your education. In order for the application to be approved, you must meet certain requirements.

Application for extra examination session

Do you have any questions about examination?

If you have any questions about examinations and exam registration or if you need confidentiality, you can contact the student desk office for your course: Student desk offices

If you have technical problems with Canvas, Zoom or Möbius, please email