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Grades in Canvas

As a student, you often get feedback in Canvas through the Grades function. Results in Canvas should not be confused with official grades, which can instead be found in Ladok. Feedback can be provided in several places in an assignment, for example as annotations and rubrics.

Difference between results in Canvas and grades in Ladok

Canvas is often used to provide feedback to students during the course. It is recommended that teachers use Canvas to communicate and compile results continuously during the course. However, it is important to remember that results displayed in Canvas are not official. The official grade is always communicated through Ladok. Read more about Ladok for students .

Find results and feedback in Canvas

To find your results in Canvas, click on "Grades" in the left menu of the course. This will take you to a list of the assignments in the course. Canvas automatically calculates a sum and an average to a preliminary grade, but you can ignore this as grades are very rarely calculated that way.  

Different types of feedback

If you click on an assignment, you can see what you have submitted and any feedback you've received. Feedback can be found in several places:

  • In the comments section
  • In the assignment/quiz itself
  • In a rubric.


To the right of the submission is a column of comments. There you can communicate with the teacher about the assignment.

Feedback in the assignment or quiz

If it's a regular assignment, click "Show feedback" to see feedback in the submission. Then your submitted assignment will be shown along with the teacher's feedback in the form of annotations. You can respond to the teacher's comments and make your own annotations that the teacher will be able to see.

If the assignment is a quiz, you will instead see the quiz with the result of each question in the quiz and any comments from the teacher. However, sometimes teachers can limit what students are allowed to see from the quiz for various reasons.


If there is a rubric attached to the assignment, view it by clicking on "Show rubric” at the top right. The teacher's assessment is displayed as markings in the rubric and as comments.