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Canvas is the learning platform (LMS ) used for all courses and programmes at KTH. Here you will find, among other things, course materials and hand-in assignments. In Canvas, you can also keep in touch with teachers and fellow students and receive important updates about the course or programme.

About Canvas

Get access to courses and programmes in Canvas

You often get access to the course room in Canvas before you register for the course, but to continue to have access to the course room, you need to register for the course. You get access to the programme room after registering for a course for the first time.

Course registration

Learn more about Canvas (

Find all your course and programme rooms in the Personal menu

To find your course and programme rooms, log in to In the Personal menu, select the Studies tab to find your course rooms, and select the Programmes tab to find your programme rooms.

During the course or programme

Canvas Student app

You can download an app to have Canvas on your mobile. Search for "Canvas Student" in App Store or Google Play Store.

In the course room, you can: 

  • Find course material and other relevant information from your teachers.
  • Communicate with your teachers and other students through discussion forums and announcements.
  • Hand in assignments.
  • Answer any quizzes.
  • Get feedback and see assessments and results (the results should be regarded as preliminary, not as the examiner's grade decision). Read more about grades in Canvas .

In the programme room, you can:

  • Find programme-specific information that should only be available to the programme's students.
  • Find links to the Student Web related to the programme studies.
  • Find important deadlines and information sessions.
  • Find files from the programme.
  • Get information from the programme management.

Most programme rooms consist of a menu with these elements:

  • Home page - how the programme room works, contact paths and to-do list
  • Announcements - news feed on the current state of the programme
  • Assignments- important deadlines and information sessions
  • Modules - collection of links, materials, tasks, programme-specific information based on different themes.
  • People - list of all students and people responsible for the programme room
Programme room template
Example of programme rooms