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Möbius is a web-based automated testing and assessment system that is used on KTH through the learning platform Canvas. It is used for tests, homework, assignments, exams, placement tests, and practice questions to students.

The program is based on the software Maple's numeric computing environment and handles more advanced calculations than Canvas, which in turn leads to more opportunities to design different types of assignments.

Möbius student user video instructions

Möbius video tutorials for beginners are published here:

Möbius Basics: How to use Möbius

This video presents:

0:29 Two ways for Möbius to work in Canvas
0:48 Launch page, the properties and conditions of assignments
0:56 Start the assignment
1:19 Remaining time
1:55 Navigation menu
2:31 Submit assignment
2:52 Confirmation page
2:58 Review your attempt
3:22 Grades report

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Möbius student launch page

This video presents:

0:32 Example of the Launch page
1:10 Assignment properties
2:28 Access conditions

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