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Examination rules

Here you can see the rules and regulations that apply to examination at KTH.

Rules before an exam

  • It is mandatory that you register for the exam. You do this via Ladok, under the heading Examinations: Register via Ladok
  • For written, but not digital, exams, the following applies: if you have not registered for the exam in time, you may write the exam if there are seats in the examination hall available, for example if a student who is registered for the exam does not show up. If there are many students who have not registered, there may not be enough seats available.
    • In order to write the exam if you have not registered in time, you must submit a valid course registration transcript in printed form to the invigilator. Digital certificates do not apply in this case. You can obtain a course registration transcript in one of the following two ways:
      1. Print the course registration transcript via Ladok here: Create registration transcripts
      2. Obtain a signed course registration transcript from the student desk office where the course is given: Student desk offices
  • Valid photo ID is required, without exception.
    • The following forms of identification are accepted:
      • Valid passport (provisional passports are not accepted)
      • Swedish national identity card
      • Swedish driver's license
      • Swedish SIS-marked identity card or identity card issued by a Swedish governmental agency, for example the Swedish Tax Agency
      • Please note that if you have a Swedish personal identification number, you also must have a Swedish ID card to identify yourself when taking exams
      • Citizens of an EU/EEA country without a Swedish person number can use a valid national identity card as acceptable identification
    • The following forms of identification are not accepted:
      • Presenting a digital ID document
      • The Migration Agency's SIS-marked residence permit card
      • Provisional passports
  • Information about the examination and permitted aids will be communicated by the examiner.
  • The school will notify your placement in the examination hall to your KTH e-mail address five days before the examination, but no later than the day before the exam. If you have not received your placement or if you have questions, contact the student office for your course: Student desk offices
  • If you need a break for breastfeeding, notify the student desk office no later than the last day the registration is open for the exam. Children are not allowed in the writing room, breastfeeding takes place in a place designated by the invigilator. You will not get an extended writing time for breastfeeding.

Rules during an exam

  • Entering the examination hall is organized with two admissions:
    • Admission 1 takes place no later than 10 minutes before the exam starts, and the door is closed at the start of the exam.
    • Admission 2 takes place after 30 minutes when late students are checked off and given the same information as other students.
    • Please note: If you arrive later than 30 minutes after the start of the exam, you will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • If you have been checked off and entered the examination hall, you are not allowed to leave the room. You can make your first visit to the toilet no earlier than 60 minutes from the start of the exam. We recommend that you go to the toilet and fill your water bottle before you are checked off and enter the examination hall.
  • The on-call teacher is available by phone throughout the writing period in order to resolve any uncertainties regarding the exam. The teacher on duty will visit the examination hall if no special reason is preventing them to do so. The invigilator is informed if a visit is not possible.
  • The invigilator assigns your seat in the examination hall and stores your personal belongings.
  • It is the time on the invigilator's watch that determines the start and end time of the exam.
  • You are not allowed to keep the exam questions or other papers such as your own notes used during the exam.

Do you have any questions about examination?

If you have any questions about examinations and exam registration or if you need confidentiality, you can contact the student desk office for your course: Student desk offices

If you have technical problems with Canvas, Zoom or Möbius, please email

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