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Exam schedules

On this page you will find current exam periods and times for exam registration.

To find the specific exam dates and times that correspond to your courses, use Search schedules .

Dates to register for exams during academic year 2022/2023

Autumn courses (HT-22)

Exam period 1: 20-28 October

Registration opens Tuesday 20 September and closes Tuesday 4 October at 23.59.

Re-exam period 1: 19-22 December

Registration opens Monday 21 November and closes Monday 5 December at 23.59.

Exam period 2: 9-16 January

Registration opens Tuesday 29 November and closes Tuesday 13 December at 23.59.

Re-exam period 2: 11-14 April

Registration opens Thursday 9 March and closes Thursday 23 March at 23.59.

Spring courses (VT-23)

Exam period 3: 10-17 March

Registration opens Wednesday 8 February and closes Wednesday 22 February at 23.59.

Re-exam period 3: 7-9 June

Registration opens Monday 8 May and closes Monday 22 May at 23.59.

Exam period 4: 29 May-5 June

Registration opens Thursday 27 April and closes Thursday 11 May at 23.59.

Re-exam period 4: 14-26 August

Registration opens Thursday 29 June and closes Thursday 27 July at 23.59.

Mandatory registration for exams

For exams during exam periods and for less extensive exams such as quizzes, you must register via Ladok, under the heading Examinations.
Don't forget to confirm your registration - once the exam is confirmed, it will appear under the tab Signed up.

Register via Ladok

More about examination and exam regulations

External examinees

KTH does not allow external examinees. External students are referred to other institutions, such as Xenter in Botkyrka.