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Before examination with compensatory support

To be able to perform an examination at KTH, you need to follow the rules and decisions that have been made. Read through KTH's rules for exams and Funka's special routines to gain access to recommended support.

Gain access to your recommended support

To gain access to your recommended support during an examination, you must have this:

Information about the exam schedules at KTH

Regulations for written exams

There are special regulations at KTH concerning written exams. As a student you are required to know and comply with the regulations applicable to the examination at KTH. Please note that Funka has specific procedures for accessing support during examinations.

How to get your support during the examination from Funka

Support for remote examinations

The regular procedure regarding supports from Funka applies to remote examinations. As a student, it is your responsibility to be aware of which procedures apply to your support(s). It is therefore important that you read the information provided in your recommendation from Funka, that you received in Nais (The Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR) . If you received your recommendation from Nais before the year 2020, the information may be old or outdated on your decision. If so, contact Funka to get updated information about your support.

Tentafunka handles examination with compensatory support from Funka. During partial distance education, the examiner or examination administration at your school may take care of some exams which will be given with support. Therefore, we cannot answer all questions about how your particular support will be applied. The examiner must take compensatory support into account. In case where your school handles your exam, we advice you to contact your school for more information.

Student desk offices

Exam administration at KTH

On each campus, an exam administration handles the exam, re-examination and partial exams for students with recommended support.

A few days before the examination, you will receive an email from the exam administration confirming where to write and at what time. You will write your examination together with other students who have recommended support. If you have registered for an examination and then choose not to do it, it is important that you notify the examination administration on each respective campus.