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Pre-ordering of compensatory support at examinations

In order for you to be able to receive some of your support during the examination, you need to pre-order it in this form so that the exam administration receives that information. You need to fill in the form before every examination, at every course and in time.

For your pre-order to be valid, you need to keep this in mind:

  • The web form must have arrived on time, no later than the day when registration for the examination (examination, re-examination, partial exam or quiz) closes.
  • Pre-order only the supports that you have been recommended by Funka and only the supports you intend to use during each exam.
  • If your support is not available in the web form, it is a support that should not be pre-ordered. Be aware that there is a difference between certain support that is "when necessary" and support that is "always". In the form, you only fill in support that you have been recommended "when necessary".
  • In some cases, you need an approval from your examiner to be able to use your support.

In order for you to receive your support during the examination, the above points need to be fulfilled.

If you are unsure, you will find information about your recommended support in your decision from Funka in Nais (The Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR).

You will find information about the support's different routines on this page: How to get your support during the examination

If you have further questions, contact Funka at: 

You pre-order your compensatory support in the forms below, depending on if it is an examination during the exam period, re-exam period or a partial exam or quiz (KS).

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Last changed: Jun 16, 2022