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How to get your support during the examination

On this website, you can read about what is required for you to be able to access your support for examinations such as exams and checklists. As a student, you have your own responsibility to review which routines apply to each support. It is therefore important that you read this page carefully and stay updated as certain routines may be updated during the semester.

Routines for gaining access to support during examinations

There are different routines that apply to different types of support. Regardless the routine, you always need to have a valid certificate in Nais (The Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR).  If your certificate in Nais is issued before 2020, there might be information that is out-of-date in your certificate. There is always up to date information on this website that applies to your support. Please, contact Funka if you have any questions regarding your supports or if your certificate in Nais has expired.

There are three different routines for the supports:

  • Support that only requires that you register in time for your examination
  • Support that requires several different measures
  • -Support with special handling

Registration for the examination is required for all support

Common to all compensatory support is that it is required that the student has registered in time for the examination. Please note that there is no possibility of drop in or late registration for examinations with support.

Support that only requires you to register in time for your examination

Your responsibility

To access the supports listed below, you only need to register in time for the examination. The support is automatically registered only when the exam has a registration online.

  • Extended writing time
  • Examination in a smaller group
  • Separate exam room (For students who for different medical reasons can disturb other students if they sit together while writing)
  • Examination with adapted placement in writing room (severe allergy)
  • Examination with adapted premises
  • Examination with customized location in writing room
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Possibility of lying down during examination
  • Always using a computer to take the exam (physical disability)
  • Always having spoken questions (visual impairment)
  • Exam printed in A3 (visual impairment)
  • Pause during the first hour
  • Shorter breaks during the examination
  • Medical equipment
  • Own technical equipment

Support that needs examiner approval

An examiner has the possibility to reject a support recommended by Funka in the case the support goes against the intended course learning outcomes. The intended learning outcomes of the course must always be reached in order for a student to pass the course. It is the examiner who decides whether the learning outcomes can be achieved if the student uses a compensatory support.

Support that requires several different measures

The supports listed here require a step-by-step routine:

  • Divided examination
  • Educational aids: Formulary
  • Educational aids: Dictionary (Swedish-Swedish dictionary)
  • Educational aids: Calculator
  • Using a computer to take the exam if necessary
  • Spoken questions if needed (presented by TorTalk speech synthesis)
  • Ear muffs
  • Ear plugs

Information about the step-by-step routine can be found on this page: Support that requires several different measures.

Support with special handling

The supports listed here require special handling before they can be accessed by the student:

  • Customized version of exam
  • Assistance with examination - Writing assistance
  • Assistance dog or guide dog
  • Flexible submission time for home exams / assignments
  • Oral examination / oral examination as a supplement to written examination
  • Mobility aids
  • Sign language interpreter

Information on what special handling is required for these supports can be found here: Special handling of support.

Please keep in mind

If your examination is not registered via Ladok (for example in certain control examinations), it is your school at KTH that is responsible for conducting the examination. In those cases, Funka does not handle of the examination and cannot ensure that you receive your support. Please, contact the course coordinator or course administrator to find out what applies regarding support during these examinations. Remember that the examiner can reject a support recommended by Funka if it goes against the intended learning outcomes of the course. The learning outcomes of the course always need to be achieved in order to pass the course.

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