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Information on how to apply for compensatory support

On this website, you as a KTH student, can read about how to apply for compensatory support from Funka.

To be able to apply for compensatory support you must: 

  • Be admitted to a course or a programme at KTH
  • Have documentation issued and signed by a licensed medical expert certifying your permanent disability
  • Make an application to Funka in the national system called Nais

Who has the opportunity to apply for support from Funka?

Funka is for students with permanent disabilities at KTH and it applies to all campuses regardless of level, and includes exchange students and master's students.

You, who are a doctoral student can also apply for support for the parts of your doctoral student position that involve you studying doctoral courses.

Examples of permanent disabilities:

• Dyslexia

• Neuropsychiatric disabilities: for example autism / Asperger's, ADHD, ADD

• Permanent mental illness

• Physical disabilities

In order for the disability to be assessed as permanent, the practice is that it has lasted or is expected to last for at least six months. If you are unsure, whether you are entitled to support, contact us by email or telephone and we will be happy to assist you.

Examples of occasions when you cannot get support from Funka:

• Temporary injuries or operations that mean you miss an exam period

• Doctoral students who need support in their service/employment

• Physical or mental illness that does not last or are expected to last more than 6 months

Attach a certificate from a licensed medical expert

The following must be stated in your certificate:

  • Your name
  • Your Social Security number or if you don't have one, use your date of birth
  • Date when the certificate was issued
  • The disability
  • The duration of the disability
  • Who issued the certificate
  • The certificate must be signed by a medical expert, e.g. doctor, psychologist, or speech therapist
  • If your medical certificate is in a language other than Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English, you need to present a certificate that has been translated from a certified translator. The translation must be done in English or in Swedish.

Before submitting your application, review your certificate and see if it meets the above criteria. If you do not have an approved certificate, contact your healthcare provider to get a new one.

How you apply for support

Submit an application in the Nais system and attach the certificate

Apply here in the Nais system (The Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR)

In the application, you need to attach your certificate of your disability. There are many who apply at the start of the semester, so be out well in advance. Funka has up to 15 working days processing time from the time your application is complete.

The picture describes how to apply for compensatory support. When an application is complete, the coordinator will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the student's individual needs. After the meeting, the coordinator makes a decision for the student that contains information about which support has been recommended to the student.
Application process for compensatory support at KTH

If you need to supplement your application

If your certificate needs to be supplemented, you will receive information about it in your e-mail. Keep track of your inbox after submitting an application. You usually have 4 weeks to complete your application. Common reasons why a student needs to complete his application are e.g. that the certificate does not have the signature of a medical expert.

First meeting with a Funka coordinator

When your application is complete, a coordinator at Funka will contact you to book an appointment. The meeting is to talk about your needs for compensatory support. Funka has confidentiality, so what you bring up during the meeting does not have to reach anyone else unless you want to.

Based on your application, your documentation and our meeting, Funka makes an assessment of which support we can recommend. Remember that a Funka coordinator can only recommend support that is allowed and decided on at KTH. Other types of customizations you may need, you need to contact the staff on your program about.

At the meeting with a Funka coordinator, you need to identify yourself with a valid photo ID.

Information about valid ID documents at KTH

After your first meeting with Funka - decision in Nais

After your meeting with Funka you will receive a decision in the system Nais. In the decision you can read what support that has been recommended to you. You own the document and it is up to you who you want to show it to. The decision contains no information about your disability, only your recommended support.

Some of your recommended support will be automatic in our system, while others will require you to e.g. apply for approval from your examiner and report to the administration before each exam. You can read more about our support and the routines that apply on this page: How to get your support during the examination

When you need to contact Funka in good time

If you have a physical disability, visual impairment or have a hearing impairment where you need a sign language interpreter, contact Funka as early as possible so we can prepare the adjustments required to improve your study situation.

To get support in time for the exam periods

In order to have time to receive support such as extended writing time for an exam, the meeting with the Funka coordinator must take place before registration for the exam has closed. Therefore, make sure to apply for compensatory support in good time so that everything is ready before the exam registration closes.

Below you see the dates for when you last need to have your support registered for each period. After these dates, it is too late to receive recommended support for the current examination period. Before the date below, you need to have submitted a complete application and had your first meeting with a Funka coordinator in order to have time to receive support for the exam.

Last date of registration for Exam period

The academic year 2022/2023

Period 1 Tuesday 4/10

Period 2 Tuesday 13/12

Period 3 Wednesday 22/2

Period 4 Thursday 11/5

Last date of registration for Re-examination period

The academic year 2022/2023

Period 1 Monday 5/12

Period 2 Thursday 23/3

Period 3 Monday 22/5

Period 4 Thursday 27/7

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