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Degree project

The degree project is not only an important part of the education. Many students find this part of the studies the most interesting and rewarding, but also the part with the greatest demands and challenges.

A degree project is a course which consists of an essay/report (and the work behind it) that you write, present and when everything is finished, receive higher education credits for. You are then one step closer to graduation.

Rules and regulations for degree projects may differ between different schools at KTH and between different degree project courses. Programme and course syllabi can be found in Courses Part of programme.

In KTH Degree Project Portal you can find announced degree projects as well as get a unique opportunity to make valuable contacts with the labor market. In the portal you will mainly find degree projects but also trainee jobs, internships and extra and seasonal jobs. Choose from a wide range of assignments from both large industrial companies, small and medium-sized companies and public organizations. Subscribe to a news letter from KTH Degree Project Portal  and get updated information about new assignments.

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