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Degree project

The degree project is a course that consists of a project of independent work, which is often the last thing you do before graduating from KTH.

What is a degree project?

A degree project is a final course consisting of a project and an essay/report you write about the work. The degree project is usually assigned to your last semester at KTH and, thus, one of the last things you do before graduation. In most cases, you can do your degree project internally at KTH, at another university, at a company or abroad. Please note that KTH does not accept non-programme students for degree projects.

How many credits the degree project covers depends on your programme. You can find out exactly what applies to you in your programme syllabus , but often the following applies:

  • Architect, Master of Science in Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering and Education: 30 credits
  • Master of Science in Secondary Education, Bachelor of Engineering, other Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree (60 credits): 15 credits

How do I do a degree project?

How the degree project is carried out depends on your programme. You can find more information in the course syllabus. You can also get information on your programme web or at information sessions. You will also have a course room in Canvas when you start the course.

Most students, regardless of programme, go through a few steps.

1. You need to fulfil the prerequisites

To start your degree project, you need to fulfil the prerequisites. You can find the specific prerequisites in the course syllabus.

Course Syllabus

2. Find a degree project

In some programmes, you may be assigned a degree project. But the most common way is to find your degree project yourself. Sometimes you may also need to find a supervisor and examiner.

Common ways to find the degree project are:

  • The Degree Project Portal , where companies can advertise for degree projects to apply for.
  • Companies - you can contact interesting companies directly or check their websites for degree project advertisements.
  • Teachers on courses you have taken may have suggestions for degree projects.
  • Contacts.

If you want to do your degree project abroad, there are good tips on Degree project abroad .

3. Carry out your degree project

While carrying out the degree project, you are continuously in contact with your supervisor. You often meet several times. It is a way to discuss issues that may arise during the work. If you do your degree project at a company, you often have a supervisor at the company as well.

4. Present the degree project

When the work is finished, and you have written the report, you must present your work. On some programmes, you must also publicly object to and examine a fellow student’s work. Once the work has been approved, the report for your degree project is uploaded to the publication database DiVA .

Do you have any questions about the degree project?

Do you have questions about the degree project before starting the course? Contact your study counsellor or master's coordinator for questions about eligibility and other general questions. Contact your course coordinator for academic questions.