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  • The KTH website has a new look

    Published Apr 18, 2024

    Due to KTH's updated graphic profile, the website has undergone a series of design changes.

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  • Apply for the Stockholm Student Academy program

    Four students discussing in a staircase.
    Published Apr 11, 2024

    Are you an international student who is interested in staying in Sweden and the Swedish labour market after graduation? As a KTH student, you now have an exclusive opportunity to take part in the Stoc...

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  • How you can prevent theft at KTH

    KTH:s new "Dare to ask" campaign, and Christina Boman, KTH's head of security.
    KTH:s new "Dare to ask" campaign, and Christina Boman, KTH's head of security. Photo: Magnus Glans.
    Published Apr 10, 2024

    All around KTH, you will find new stickers next to card readers, urging you to keep track of who you let in past locked doors. Here you will get some tips on how to act and avoid being exposed for the...

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  • QS ranks KTH 37th globally in engineering and tech, 64th in natural science

    KTH:s campus
    In Engineering & Technology, KTH is ranked 7th among universities in the EU; and in Natural Sciences, KTH is 14th among universities in the EU.
    Published Apr 10, 2024

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology is now ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide in engineering, technology and natural sciences, according to the latest QS World University Rankings by Subjec...

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  • New study spaces and group rooms at the library

    Published Mar 21, 2024

    On 11 April we will open up the new study area and five new bookable group rooms at KTH Library. The area is located behind Arkaden on the entrance floor and will be named Arcade Hall.

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  • E-mail - KTH IT enables strict DMARC-policy for the domain

    Published Mar 14, 2024

    This means that anyone that use external services to send email with a sender address that ends with (and have not already got a solution implemented by VS/IT) will stop to work.

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  • Updated rules for parking discs at the library

    Published Mar 13, 2024

    From Monday, 18 March, we will introduce changed rules for the parking discs at the library. The parking discs will only be available 11–17 on weekdays.

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  • They compete in rocket launching

    group picture, KTH students with rocket
    KTH students dream of a career in the space industry, engineering or defence. Image: ÆSIR.
    Published Mar 13, 2024

    The ÆSIR student organisation at KTH builds rockets in their spare time. As the first Swedish team ever, they recently participated in a European rocket launch competition. With their self-designed Si...

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  • Karin and Edka found a degree project at KTH Innovation

    Portrait of Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana
    Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana dream of designing products that support people in their everyday life and contribute to a better future for everyone. This semester, they are doing their degree project with the startup Rebaba.
    Published Mar 08, 2024

    Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana are studying a master's degree in Integrated Product Design at KTH. By posting on a notice board at KTH Innovation, they got in touch with Rebaba, a startup creatin...

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  • Hello there alum Malte Gleim...

    Portrait Malte Gleim
    Published Mar 01, 2024

    ...who, with funding from KTH and others, was able to realise the Boomerang rocket project. “I want to thank the Opportunities Fund and all donors for their generous support. It has been crucial in ...

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  • Hello there alum Elsa Arksand!

    Portrait of Elsa Arksand
    Thanks to support from the KTH Opportunities Fund, Elsa Arksand's team was able to participate in the iGEM 2021 competition. For a year, the team in Albanova worked on the Mikroskin project, in collaboration with experts from all over the world. The project was awarded the gold medal of the competition. "We focused on acne in our project. Through Mikroskin, we wanted to shed light on different skin diseases, to break the stigma often associated with them and to find new treatment methods."
    Published Mar 01, 2024

    You led the team that won gold in iGEM Stockholm, one of the world's largest student competitions in the field of synthetic biology. How would you describe the societal problem the team tackled?

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  • Winners decided for the competition on climate and health  

    Competition winners.
    Then winners and runners up in the competition on climate and health visited KTH Climate Action Centre for the award ceremony.
    Published Feb 28, 2024

    KTH, SU, and KI, also called the Stockholm Trio, have joined forces for climate action. Part of this collaboration has been a student competition with the overarching theme ”Climate and Health.” Over ...

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  • Q&A: Students take second in ‘intense’ cybersecurity competition

    Five people with bouquets of flowers standing next to each other looking at the camera.
    Left to right: Roberto Guanciale, senior lecturer at KTH and the students' coach, and Ludwig Kristoffersson, Elin Granstedt, Hampus Carlens and Gustaf Zachrisson. Photo: Anders G Warne.
    Published Feb 21, 2024

    Elin Granstedt was on the KTH student team that recently made it all the way to the final of Cyber Challenge 2024, which is held by the Swedish Defence University and the National Cyber Security Cente...

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  • Marcus Wandt landed at KTH

    Two men in front of an auditorium.
    The astronaut Marcus Wandt told a packed auditorium at KTH about his space adventures. Christer Fuglesang, Director of the KTH Space Centre and an astronaut too, was also present.
    Published Feb 20, 2024

    After 22 days in space, astronaut Marcus Wandt has landed at KTH. In front of a packed auditorium, he talked about his journey before, after and during the space flight. “It's so fascinating that you...

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  • Maggan Hub Pilot

    Published Feb 13, 2024

    The Maggan Hub pilot offers engaged students a unique opportunity to work with societal challenges for a more just and sustainable society. Are you one of the students we are seeking for this summer...

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  • Together we can make KTH safer and more secure

    Printed information about safety and securit at KTH on a notice board.
    Safety and Security at KTH provides employees and students with quick guidance in the event of an accident or serious incident.
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    We need to create a better security culture at KTH, says Christina Boman, Head of Security. She has now produced two printed materials to promote security on our premises, in order to reduce theft and...

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  • Update of all card readers on all campuses

    Published Feb 05, 2024

    Between February and June, all existing access card readers will be updated.

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  • Innovating education: KTH Cloud's journey from concept to reality

    Emil Karlsson and Pierre Le Fevre
    Students Emil Karlsson and Pierre Le Fèvre built the KTH Cloud as a degree project. Photo: Åsa Karsberg, KTH
    Published Jan 31, 2024

    Two students from the Computer Engineering programme in Flemingsberg built a cloud service as a degree project. Since then, Pierre Le Fèvre and Emil Karlsson have built on the concept and can now offe...

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  • Did you know that you have access to Swedish newspapers?

    Published Jan 26, 2024

    Through the KTH Library you can access the database Mediearkivet (Retriever Research), which is the largest digital news archive in the Nordic region containing printed newspapers, magazines and busin...

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  • Apply for Digital Futures Summer Research Internship Programme (SRI)

    View over Stockholm
    Photo: Kabir Baidhya
    Published Jan 25, 2024

    Are you interested in gaining first-hand experience in working in an academic setting? This summer, from June to August, the research centre Digital Futures is arranging this SRI programme where you g...

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