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KTH One-Year Scholarship

The KTH One-Year Scholarship covers the tuition fee for the second year of a two year master’s programme at KTH. It is awarded to current KTH master's programme students who have achieved outstanding results in their first year of studies. In 2024, 8 % of the eligible scholarship applicants were nominated for the KTH One-Year Scholarship (12 of 145).

Application dates for the KTH One-Year Scholarship

1 April 2024: Application opens
15 April 2024 (midnight CET): Application closed

You apply to the scholarship on this page when the application is open.

Scholarship content

The KTH One-Year Scholarship covers the tuition fee for the second year of a two year masters programme at KTH. The scholarship does not include living costs.

"Receiving the scholarship is an encouragement, a reward for the hard work I put in over the first year. The scholarship also reduces financial stress for my family and me and allows me to focus on my studies and future plans."

Xianglin, KTH One-Year Scholarship awardee


To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a fee-paying student and have satisfactory grades to progress to the second year of your studies. KTH One-Year Scholarships are not available for joint master programmes or EIT programmes.

Selection process

The selection is based on the applicant's grades from courses completed in the first year of studies at KTH.

"Without this scholarship, it would have been extremely difficult to handle the tuition and living expenses in Stockholm. I think it was a big achievement for me; I put all my effort into it and succeeded. I am really proud of it."

Hooman, KTH One-Year Scholarship awardee