Economic downturn made him a successful inventor

He graduated from KTH not long after the bubble burst in 2000 and it was “impossible to get a permanent job”.
“I had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to be an engineer. So it was a blessing in disguise in a way,” says Söderström, Chief Product Officer at Spotify and newly crowned Alumnus of the Year at KTH.

Joint commitment to strengthen Scania-KTH partnership

“By further strengthening our collaboration with Scania, together we take another very important step creating impact and having an important role in the societal development.” says KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson.

- Openness gives better products

KTH and Saab have a mutual interest – to develop the software of the future. This is the purpose of the cooperation project CASTOR, a software technology research centre at KTH.

Cooperation creates growth for SMEs

Sustainable Innovation is one of KTH’s partners in the project Grön BoStad Stockholm [Green Housing Stockholm]. The project aims to contribute to sustainable urban development and to create growth in small and medium-sized enterprises.